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VBA smooth 6.2 Released


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VBA smooth is a custom VisualBoy Advance build.


  • new features:
  • add Kode54's PCM interpolation module (still can't contact with Kode54. If he against, this feature will remove in future release)
    bug fix:
  • Suggests me to reference Gens when playing music synchronized based on audio playback speed to avoid sound crackling. DarkDancer
  • Suggests me to reference Aaron Giles's new timer system design to handle audio synchronization problem.neoragex2002
  • remove multi-thread audio synchronization mechanism (new mechanism not implement yet)
  • Can't open Rom Select window since v6.0 sjyune
  • When try to change a "all gameboy advance" to "gameboy advance" in filetypes emu crashes. Drain
  • fix bug in open gba file dialog that make VBA crashed.
  • Once you do delete the file and create a new one, VBA Smooth only runs in 16 bit color mode now (which means refreshing the desktop and whatnots). Kirby
  • adjust settings for VBA.ini of other version of VBA
  • use Direct3D, filter plugin, scale2x as default settings
  • remove VBA.ini from replease zip file
  • when run VBA smooth v6.1, OS report lack of mfc71.dll, msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll many people
  • use static link with MFC intead of dynamic link
  • can't run VBA smooth v6 in non-intel CPU computers. many people
  • change the optimization option of ICC 9.0 for non-intel CPUs

» VBA smooth homepage.


Credits: The Emulation64 Network

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There is hardly anythingu nofficial about it since the official development has ceased. Just a custom build. Kode54's libresample and other PCM interpolation stuff are God's gift to VBA.

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