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Splinter cell pc, the troubles...

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Ok i got me the demo first thing...a 100mb download.


Did not work because of a genral protection error [amazeingly the highest type of problem]


so i read up a little, and found that the full game and the patch cuts all errors down buy half... Or so i thoght.

I tried to download the ISO but as you may know...no luck..


Anyway, there are fixes for the splinter cell demo.


1.make sure you have direct x 9.

2. change some of the code in one of the ini files

3.make sure your graphics card is supported on the box.


So for me 2 things are done correct, my graphics card does not support splinter cell.



On the back of the splinter cell box is listed about 8 graphics cards, however in the "minnimum" specs allowed,


it plainly says "32 meg graphics card"



i have a hercules 64 meg not great but it runs everything i have thrown at it apart from this pics of crap :lol:


You wouldent belive how many people have had the dreaded


Genral Protection Error.


"ubi soft" now say meet the "reccomended" requirments" :evil:


If they had put on the box


we only support these graphics cards


not many people would of bought the game would they, these concludes me to sday what a bunch of tossers,


if you go on the splintercell forum and have a look round you iwll not belive how many people get the genral protection error.




skankass bad nuss indeed.


oh thanks for reading :lol:

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Yeah same problem with the game, "Spider-Man The Movie". Your graphics card needs support for: TNL Graphics. :evil:

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real time ightning and enviromental mapping :evil:


I read up like crazy...


Ineed the following to bring me back up to date...


Another 256 ram stick :lol:


and a £150 nivad graphics card...



when doom 3 come out that wont even play it!!


So if i get a new graphics card now fair enuff i can play whatever i want, when doom 3 is out in november the "next generation" will be here, again i will be screwed.


BTW i got the doom3 demo, guess what...im 128 megs of ram to short to play it :lol:

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That's at least one good thing about an Xbox. You will be able to play Splinter Cell, Doom 3, Deus Ex 2 etc without having to spend money on upgrades. Get a modchip and it's great for emulation too :evil:

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