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knights of valor

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I can't get this to work!


I have download all the available roms for the games








I am using emuloader to get Mame games to run.


What is needed to run this game?

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So, you mean if I want to play Neo Geo games on MAME,


i have to get neogeo bios and put it in too?


EDIT : Ok, i found most of the bios already but still no pgm bios. :D

Will continue to look for it :D


EDIT2: Ok, found it. So, do I have to unzip all bios or leave them in zip form?

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#$%^& Still can't get it to run.


DO I need a joypad?


And there seems to be a msg saying certain roms not found

but the msg is too fast before the Dos box disappear.


I am using Emuloader to play.


Need help here :D

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