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WarDevil for Xbox 360


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Digi-Guys unveiled today the latest WarDevil website featuring all new material on the WarDevil project and a new Teaser Trailer and screenshots. The website focus is now based upon the WarDevil Real Time Engine (RTE1080) - which has been in development at the studio for some time.


The first RTE1080 teaser demonstrates the engine's cinematic look & feel - the aim is to create movie like in game material (in real time & in the highest HD resolution 1920x1080).


WarDevil is the premiere project for the Digi-Guys Studio. Currently in production, WarDevil is both a motion picture project and a videogame. The project is designed to be at the cutting technological edge - in terms of storytelling, cinematic feel & gameplay.


>>Wardevil Offical Site

>>HD Trailer

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