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FileNames Fixed But, WE NEED TESTERS!!


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I have fixed filenames this past month to do everything I want it to do.


Website: http://www.filenames.tk


However.. I need you guys to test to see how long your search takes:


Searches to use are:







Once you have clicked search and it is done searching it may take a while for some of you. All I need for you to do is tell me how long it took for the search to complete and it says that right on the bottom of the page once the search is complete.


So just record it here and your ISP connection. :)


Thanks in advance.

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bad news m8 i can not get it to go past search i search "nintendo"

And thats all i get it floats around, i am sure you will fix it m8 sorry to bring bad news, it will be allright :)

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im on a dsl modem and i couldnt get any of the searches to complete. like emsley said, they just hung there. :)

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