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You'll be figuring out this Friday according to Gamespot.


Friday sees F.E.A.R. demo


Single-player sample of the PC shooter will be downloadable on GameSpot DLX at the end of the week.


F.E.A.R., which is rated M for Mature, is scheduled for release on the PC October 11. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's Hands-On with the demo, or try it out for yourself this Friday by downloading the file from GameSpot DLX.


>>GS Hands-on on F.E.A.R.

>>Win 1 of 1200 Keys to Beta Test the Multiplayer Demo (Applies to European residents only sadly)

>>What is F.E.A.R.?


Do you know what F.E.A.R. is?

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It's all about the single player. I heared bad things about the MP mode my self.

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Wow, Finally. I was looking for the torrent. and now here it is. Grabbing it right now.

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Anyways, Played for a bit, got killed, felt the vibe. This could be a great SP game.

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