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Haze’s Mame WIP!

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After the release of Mame98u3 Haze come back with

updates to the following:


1st update july 31 2005


Aaron has released the ‘u3′ source update for Mame 0.98, this includes the Deco 156 progress made so far.


Shortly after the release of u3 I made some further improvements to the 156 emulation, removing a kludge (allowing the Eeproms to work) and fixing the music.


2nd update August 1st 2005


Another 156 update..

I fixed a few more bugs in the driver.. if testing use the new source


3rd update August 1st 2005


Osman / Cannon Dancer

Dox fixed a bug in the ARM Cpu core, which in turn fixed the colours in Osman.












4th update August 1st, 2005


3rd 156 Update


This includes the ARM cpu core fix from Dox.


Also fixed are some priority problems.


Please delete any nvram files before testing, old nvram files WILL cause problems with Osman / Cannon Dancer.


The other good news for now is that the Mame Italia guys should be able to do a redump of Charlie Ninja, all going well that should have proper sprite colours by the end of tomorrow.


And a WIP just came out too:


August 2 2005 WIP


Charlie Ninja

The redump of the missing sprite rom was done by the Mame Italia Forum guys, here are the results.












More images and downloads of the Source Updated files here:


» http://haze.mameworld.info/





PD: Now to compile my unoffcial mame32 v98u4 xDD

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That's some beautiful wip :wink: btw, welcome to 1emu CaptainCPS-X


ThanX!!! IQ! ^__^...


I tested all the changes in my Unofficial compile of MAME32 and they

go fantastic ^^... Joemacr has better sound in this latest updates :punk:

and tested Osman too, is going good too :rofl:


Im just waiting for the release of the new redumped roms for

Charlie Ninja ^^...i hope Haze keep the good work on this

and release some updates about Charlie Ninja soon :)




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^Osman/Cannon-Dancer was designed by the same guy who originally designed Strider, hence the similarities. It's even often called "Strider 1.5" by Japanese gamers.


As a huge Strider Hiryu fan, I've been waiting YEARS for this to get playable, so HELL YES!

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