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Xbox 360 News

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The recent issue of Famitsu showed off Ninety-Nine Nights and eNCHANTED arM. Both going to hit the Xbox 360 sometime.


Ninety-Nine Nights




enchantarm19wz.th.jpg enchantarm21ol.th.jpg


No translation at the moment.

Scans were posted on 2ch. Then followed to 4ch.


(Forgot to add Sakaguchi's interview)


Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has hinted that neither of his forthcoming Xbox 360 RPGs will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show in September.


However, that doesn't mean work on Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey isn't going according to plan. Referring to the former title, Sakaguchi told Famitsu magazine: "The screen is starting to get developed, and we've been able to decide on the orientation of its graphics, and what kind of lighting and effects we want.


"We're currently in the process of making tons of [additional graphics]."


Lost Odyssey is "progressing about the same," Sakaguchi said.


"The characters are starting to move in the game screen little by little, and we're figuring out where we want to go with its graphics."

Catch the rest of the article at Eurogamer. (Yes, right now this is my source, theres others, but I don't feel like reading french).


(forgot this one too)

Xbox 360 to have Parental Controls for software.

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these games look sweet im a big ff fan and i will definately take a look at this

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