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Super Gameboy 2...

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not really emulation related...but here we go...


the super gameboy was a "gameboy game to snes console" adapter. later, a super gameboy 2 came out. the differance was, that this version was gamelink compatable, meaning that you could play 2/4 player games. my question is...did the super gameboy 2 come out in europe? im doing a bit of research on the subject, thats why im asking. plus, im american, so i wouldnt know if it did or not. :):) so, any of you europeans know the answer to this one? :lol:

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yeah im sick of how they release the good things in japan and decide to not release them in US because of assuming less hype and money income for a product. ie. game axe. It is a portable NES that would have been a sucess if released in the US

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