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DVD backup to avi


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i want to make a back up of a couple dvds but i want it to be in a compressed form. i was pointed in the direction of dvdshrink but that creates only slightly compressed compressed isos that fit on dvds.


does anyone know of a program that make dvd backups in avi format..... around the 700 mb mark?


thanks in advance

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Ive experimented with tons and tons of software for DVD ripping and copying, ive probably tried over 100 programs.


Ive found the best tools to use to make a DVD backup to an AVI are the following


Install DVD Region+CSS Free to get around...that stuff...

Install DVD Decryptor to copy the stuff off the DVD (I used to use Smartripper, but more recent DVDs just wont copy with it anymore)

And finally, Install Dr. DivX to Encode your files into DivX. You can use custom settings and mess with it if you like, but there are some presets for 1 Disc copies that turn out really good. One mode makes Higher Audio and lower Video quality, and the other is the other way around. I forget exactly which is which but i remember it pretty much says it in the name so it should be pretty easy to figure it out.

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