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Gens32 2.35 Secret Released

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Gens32 is a SEGA Genesis/Mega-Drive/Sega-CD/Mega-CD/32X emulator for Windows.


  • Fixed some Bugs.
  • Romlist system added,use it just as a playlist of a media player.
  • Rewrote some Sound Mixers.
  • Rewrote monitor filter.
  • Added a new filter called 2XReSample.
  • Option of Hue came back.You can find it in Color Adjustment.
  • Fixed the bug of special key config.
  • Separate controllers config for each rom supported,you can use it as this: If your rom name is XXXX.zip,then the config file of controller named as XXXX.zip.ctr.
  • Added Advanced Scanlines filter.
  • Rewrote paper filer
  • Two intro effect which comes form Gens+ was added.

» Gens32 homepage.

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