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life after death ?


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Spock Here - Theory of Origin Captain Kirk



Tales do come true.

First off I want to tell you all. We are made of stardust.

Same as that dumb blue and brown rock floating out in the abyss, growing moss on itself. So say hi to Mr. RockOFellow for me.



Recycle - lol.


Sorry the Object Formery Known as Jesus Christ is not here with us know.

Though he has surely taken new form. What do you want to be when your dead? Compost heap, food for a Dung beetle, plant fertilizer, worm food, fish bait, dinner, bicycle built for two,etc.. So you can't make up your mind, don't worry.

Certainly you will become something. Be all you can be. Odds of becoming oneself again are astronomical. More likely you will be bits and parts of otherthings.


Say hi to Mr. Burns :)

Lastly our "lives" are "chemical reaactions" like fire. Nothing more nothing less.


Pure Energy. :lol:


We come in piece, shoot to kill, shoot to kill. :nuke:

He's dead Jim dead Jim. :idea:


This is life jim but not as we know it, not as we, know it. :)



Elvistology :roll:

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I agree with the elvis dude...

However there is only one flaw in your opinion...

If science is are relegion...


Ok the big bang begins everything... everything is a bigger word than the univers understand good?


This will make your head melt......

Were did the beig bang accuire its energy in the fist place....Nothing comes from nothing now does it?


how can that be, did nothing come along one day and say


theres nowt eyur

pulled out a magic energy bag and created "everything"

If you try to understand it you will go dizzy :)


If we are on the smame lines as what elvis said i belive in what elvis said indeed...



Its the key to understanding this fake universe...

None of you are real your all fake!

"emsley goest quantem mechnaics crazy"

emsley strips naked and howls at the moon!


Btw if you like to read about

everything and what a good insite in to people, buy your self a terry prattchet book...

If you have read none of his work you have missed out :idea:

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