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Handheld Simulators Alert!!

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Handheld Simulators Alert!!


Handheld Simulators (20030208_RC)(87).txt:


You need to Audit your Handheld Simulators if taken from Emuchina and possibly this sites ftp.

Use Romcenter (Fix/Test Files) not ClrMamePro on this set. or (Manualy Some just require you to create a sub directory named "SOUND" Then placing the sound files there. Then renaming each to the obvious. If you here sound then you have it right.)


Also after your done auditing with RomCenter. These two files "Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Mini-Classic)(Keychain) [v1.0].zip" and "Tetris (Nintendo Mini-Classic)(Keychain) [v1.6].zip". Extract them, then copy score.dat and name the copied to scoreb.dat.

You are done. Do not audit again.

In Windows XP Tools-Folder Options-View-Show hidden files and folders.- If you can not find "sound".








In other words -



"Handheld Simulators


In this database we tried to include as many simulators for those little electronic handheld games as possible.

Since it it a simulation, it may exist more than one program that reproduces the behaviour of the machine,

and even different versions upgrades from a single author. So we kept every different simulators in their last version only.

Also, we tried to keep the original packages, offering a setup when possible.

Please help us to find more, and visit each website to support every simul-authors :)


A very interesting place with many infos and pics : http://users2.ev1.net/~rik1138/index.html


Naming convention :

Machine Name (Brand Serie Model)(comment) [alt name (alt company)] [simulator version and comments]




WARNING (Known issues with rom-scanners):



ClrMame Pro :

Subdirectories are not supported, and the / or character is replaced by a ` in the rom name string.

We should be able to make a tool in the near future to replace those chars by true subdir information within the zip-file.

Try to use the rebuilder instead of the Scanner to have a clean naming (but with ` instead of subdirs) in your zips.


RomCenter :

Also no subdir support, but it seems we can get a slightly better result...

RC is creating subdirectories in the zips without even knowing it.

Just after a fix process, all seems OK (green) but if you refresh,

the program believes / are and wants to rename again, which is not needed.

A little special problem appears in the two miniclassic simulators, because two file (score.dat & scoreb.dat)

are exactly the same and under the data/ subdir. Just ignore RC errors and recopy two file in each archives,

or you won't be able to save your scores.


My advice to get a perfectly working collection :

Make a clean rebuild first with Clrmame Pro, and then fix names in archives one time using RomCenter.

(think to recopy the lost scoreb.dat in supermario & tetris miniclassics lost by RC)

All zips should have the good content with subdirs after that.


* Bananolu *" :)

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Thanks for the alert Elvis. Got to fix those roms....... :lol::)

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