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PS2 is getting a true sega saturn controller!

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The eyes, the lips, the shape of her face, and the skin tone.

It is settled, Lilith is the hotter!


I had to.. :rolleyes:

Lilith wins, albeit being flat.

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I posted this like, a month ago.


hmm i can't seem to remember you posting about it seeing how this article was done as of the 5th of this month :(

What I'm trying to say is, I posted it before you because I'm like that when I'm not in too deep with a game.


well i might've missed that topic but that link in that topic doesn't show the controller as of now so take this as an update to those who didn't know about it :)


truth of the matter dealing with the controller is that it was out before darkstalkers collection was even announced since it came out for the sega ages games but the purple one is exclusive to capcom and they can keep it as i'm getting the black one :rolleyes:

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