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Speed on ZNes

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ZSNES. You cannot change the speed of the fastforward at this point in time anyway. SRAM work on any SNES emulator, but save files are incompatible. This has been talked about on the ZSNES board, and the conclusion was that they never will be compatible across emlators.

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Now that were on the subject, my ZSNES plays my games slower then they should be played, wtf? I tryed the roms on another computer and it worked just fine

Do you use any image filtering? Those strain the CPU quite a bit.

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hmm, im sorry agozer I wish I knew what IF was. But if it's a feature ZSNES uses im pretty sure it's on

Image filtering under Config ---> Video. Meaning 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI, Super Eagle, Interpolation, HQ2x-HQ4x.

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