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cps 3 emulation

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Any word out there on an emu actually exsisting?

What games were on it as well?

are we talking sega rally, and virtua figter 2 etc.. even virua cop,[yuk that would be horribile without a good lightgun]


any news any thing at all?

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9th December, 2002


  • Die Hard Arcade (STV cart)
  • Avengers In Galactic Storm
  • Sauro (bootleg)
  • Rohga (Alt. version)

Some of you may have noticed that Dreamcast emulation is coming along very nicely on the Icarus home page. These guys are really interested to take this one step further by attempting emulation of the Naomi arcade hardware (basically a more powerful version of the Dreamcast). Unfortunately, they need some dumps of the carts (only one is available) and a main board to get a dump of the BIOS (which I am able to dump for them when a main board is purchased). If you would like to help out, please visit their page and offer your support or help me by donating a Naomi main board, or funds to purchase one.

Update: Ok, we got ourselves a nice BIOS dump via another Mamedev dumper. We still need some carts though...



naomi emulation is near, very near :)

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It is to see nice 3D arcade emulation is more developing

since Capcom ZN1&ZN2, Namco System 10 [forgot], and Sega

The NAOMI project is a great news...who doesn't want to

play virtua figther 3, Capcom VS SNK..and many other


I know it will take a loooong time, for example ZN1&2 now

emulated perfectly...but Namco System like Tekken 1,2 Soul

Edge, Ridge Racer, Rave Racer still have sound and graphic problem......

I like waiting more 3D arcade being emulated but i more like

enough compability for the emulator

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