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This game is the reason why I haven't been online for the past week. Man im hooked, even though my vid card is shiit and I lag like hell, i still spend hours wasting away life on this game. If you want to join my guild, please drop your username in this topic, and ill get back to ya.


BOO Yeah!

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this (and the no monthly fee thing) got me interested:

Will I be able to play Guild Wars on a dial-up modem?


Yes you will. We are well aware that many users do not have broadband access, and we want the largest possible number of gamers to be able to join our game without being held back by technical issues like their Internet connection. We have designed Guild Wars to function excellently on a dial-up connection and our testers confirm they have no problems with their connection, even testing from other continents. During our E3 for Everyone Demo Event, our World Preview Event, and our Beta Weekend Events, many thousands of players successfully played using a dial-up modem.

I'd like to hear what someone on dial-up has to say about the experiance.

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it does not fill the void of my mmo fix. Simply put it, it's sort of an mmo, but it isn't.

That's how I felt. It eliminated some of the problems, like the long travel times and such, but with them it took the sense of scale and "world" away. As I said before, the instanced-setup made it feel less like a "fantasy world" and more like a 3D graphical match-making service for small team games.

More along the lines of D2 MP but cooler.

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