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MAME 0.95u4. 0.95u5


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Fixed Windows-specific input bug introduced in u4. [Aaron Giles]


Fixed OKI frequency in Gal's Hustler. [sonikos]


Figured out decryption of remaining DECO102 games. [Nicola Salmoria]






Changes from Aaron Giles


* removed CPU_16BIT_PORT hack; this means that all Z80 drivers must explicitly

  clamp their I/O space address space to 8-bits via ADDRESS_MAP_FLAGS(AMEF_ABITS(:lol:)

* removed CPU_AUDIO_CPU; it was no longer having any effect, and it was a poor

  substitution for documentation since it wasn't used consistently across all games

* added 'emulator' target to the makefile to make it easier to build just mame.exe

* removed obsolete targets from the main makefile

* added Pentium-M optimization target to the makefile




Other changes


Fixed gsword descriptions and added documentation on the 8741s. [Nicola Salmoria]


Fixed C140 sound routing in the Namco games. [Mamesick]


Added proper sprite ROMs to G-Loc. [Mike Coates]


Fixed game logic bug in mslider. [Phil B, Dox, David Haywood]


Added hack to v60 for srmp7, though this needs a real fix eventually. [David Haywood]


Fixed DIP switches in Survival Arts and Dyna Gear. [brian Troha]


Added several TMS9900 enhancements and variants from MESS. [Raphael Nabet]


Fixed backgrounds in Nitro Ball/Gun Ball. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Added preliminary decryption to Deco 102 games. [Nicola Salmoria]


Fixed DIP switches in Pocket Gal DX and Captain and the Advengers. [brian Troha]


Added better protection against crashing in the debugger. [Nathan Woods]




New clones added


Space Invaders (Model Racing) [David Haywood]

Pocket Gal Deluxe (Euro v3.00) (not working) [Corrado Tomaselli]

Tecmo World Cup '94 (set 2) (not working) [Corrado Tomaselli]



New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING


Dream World [David Haywood]

Choky Choky [David Haywood]


Get the diff update here:


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