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Thanks for adding the screenies. They haven't officially announced a release date for europe or the us yet. Im still waiting for the usa release before I play megaman 4 though.

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I love the little blue guy, and his crew, as much as anyone else, but it sure feels like they're beating his franchise to death lately.

damn tooting.


Megaman Battle Network 1 through 5

Megaman Zero 1 through 4

Megaman Anniversary Collection

Megaman X8

Megaman Command X mission or some crap like that.

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I am playing it. Zero has a cool ability where he could grab the enemies's weapon or shield and use it :o


But it has too many Japanese for me to understand

:P I will just wait for the US release :)

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Oddly the site where I got it from has removed the game. The release hasn't been listed on the scene release list. Strange. Might be a beta or something and has been nuked.

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