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Capcom VS SNK 2 EO


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There has been a version of CVS2 for the Dreamcast with DDR music on it. I also have this game on my XBox (in my HDD). I want to know if the music files on both games are the same. I want to replace the original music files on the XBox version with files on the DC version (DDR music). I have the Japan version of CVS2 for Dreamcast and the PAL version for XBox. Is it even possible to accomplish? If so, which are the audio files I need to copy?

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It should be possible to put DDR tracks instead of the original ones, but U 've to know if the tracks 'r encoded or not & the format of these ones.


If U succeed in getting tracks under the same format, U can play 'em instead of the original ones in Ur HD or after reburning the game in a CD.

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Yes,u can if they're same Format (ADX)

i also succed to replace music form doau to cvs2 cuz they use ADX format.


Actually the songs are compressed in an afs file. I extracted the file, replaced the songs, but I want to compress it into the afs file that is necessary to play the tracks.

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