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3 sig/ava request in one day >_< LOL


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I pretty much spend the whole day at home listening to music while doing sig/avas, and I'm very exhausted lol, anyway.. these are the 3 for today, just for presentation :)




I'm too tire doing more than one sig per day, so I kinda lack my creativity on this one, but oh well.. if you don't like it (i hate it myself lol), I'll redo one another day, but the ava came out nicely, I like that grungy effects, of course you expect grunge from gaara, this is gaara of the desert :D it was meant for sandy like texture hehehehe


Gaara sig (Duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes)





ava: (Duration 10 minutes)




I love this personally, this is my 3rd sig of today.. and for obvious reasons.. I love this better than madwon's and J.J.. hehe but thats just me..  enjoy :) *I wish this was my sig :S * lol


Auron sig (duration: 2 hours and 8 minutes)



Auron ava (duration 7 minute)


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