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MESS 0.92 Released!


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MESS is a emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems.


  • System Driver Changes:
  • [APPLE2] Changed joystick default key mapping so not conflict with keyboard mappings.  [Nate Woods]
  • [APPLE2] Fixed a regression that could cause the screen to flash under certain situations.  (bug #634) [Nate Woods]
  • [APPLE2] Fixed a regression that prevented certain Apple II models from booting introduced in MESS 0.91.  (bug #635) [Nate Woods]
  • [APPLE2] Complete rewrite of Apple II banking.  [Nate Woods]
  • [APPLE2] Driver will now accept.dsk images with up to eight extraneous bytes.  (bug #638) [Nate Woods]
  • [COCO] Added support for The Rat graphics mouse.  (bug #639) [Tim Lindner]
  • [PC200] Fixed driver to successfully boot.  [John Elliott]
    User Interface Changes:
  • [WINDOWS] Toggling the menu bar will no longer change the window size.  [Nate Woods]
    Imgtool Changes:
  • Created a new Apple ProDOS Imgtool driver (only reading supported for now.)  [Nate Woods]
    Source Changes:
  • The core is based on MAME 0.92.  This incorporates all features of the update to this core.  [MAME team]
  • Changed core to support multiple devices of the same IO_* enum value.  Note that when this is the case, indexing devices with calls that assume a one to one mapping like image_from_devtype_and_index() are no longer legal.  [Nate Woods]
  • [Windows GUI] Fixed a regression that could cause INI files to be erroneously written to the main directory.

» MESS homepage.

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I got those too but I'd rather compile my own for some odd reason. Just to do it. But the damn binary wouldn't recognize any of my games.

One word here: Owned. ;) What games did you try then (taking into account that MESSS emulates god knows how many computers, consoles etc.)

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