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Hi I been a fan of this forum for awhile,thought I'd join the crowd.



Well anyway I use to play this when I had Windows 98 but haven't messed with it since I went to WinXP.


Which M.U.G.E.N works best with XP I have SP2 installed also are there and good Mod sites in english "had DBZ and a female Manga style fighter w/ some nudity. "consider mods? or characters?"



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yes its vesa, and if i use Winmugen, i can only use the small, i casnt play in big screen, when i try with the big creen it says,: error message: out of memory. how can i fix that please???

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Many DOS programs need VESA extensions in order to use certain high-resolutions modes. I don't know why WinMugen displays an out of memory error, but that usually happens when the program uses up all your available memory for some reason.


How much RAM do you have? Are you running XP/2000/2003 or 9x/NT?


You really need to find out what video card you have.

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Try this: Click Start ---> Run an type dxdiag and run it. With any luck the DirectX Diagnostics Tool should pop up. Check the Display tab and then the Device part.


It may very well be that 100MB of RAM in Windows is not enough for WinMugen depending on how complex things the program tries to load.

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