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Emul Forums needs a [[ NEW/ A ]] MAIN NETWORK SITE NAME!!

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Well I have been doing much thought. And surely enough I am thinking of buying a domain name, its not necessarily going to happen, but its a big maybe. So what I had in mind was to make a main site for emulforums or a network site that leads to it. Since EmulForums, the name, was designed for a message board only. So I need a network main site name..


Here are the choices.. if you have any ideas for something better, just check if the domain is available and post it!




"Emulation Gaming Network"






http://www.exemu.net or.com


"eXtreme Emulation"




"Emulation Gossip"


Pick one or add one, you never know!!


PS: EmulForums and the main page and the whole page will never die and will always be there, this is just an addon site and it will be networked with EmulForums and I'll tell you the details later on.

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hmm...its a toss up between the 1st and 2nd ones for me. i'll make my decision in a bit. :P

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Well i guess.. the domain name " Emulation Gaming Network " has lies all the votes in total.. which is decided maybe the future domain name. :D

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