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Mame v0.90 Released !


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General Improvements



Fixed sound in Desert Breaker with new roms [Aaron Giles, Gerald, Thierry]


Fixed dip-switches to nmk16 driver [brian Troha]


New Discrete Sound Functionality [Derrick Renaud, Frank Palazzolo]

DISCRETE_OP_AMP_FILTER - properly emulated DISC_OP_AMP_FILTER_IS_BAND_PASS_1M type filter. Used by many games.

see: http://home.cogeco.ca/~derrickmame/galaga/...ga_filters.html

* atafifb, abaseb - Re-wrote to use component value only code and use new filter.


Fixed crash in i8x41 cpu core reading uninitialized internal RAM [Juergen Buchmueller]


Super Qix driver update [Nicola Salmoria]

- manually repaired the ROM code and added support for the I8751 MCU,

  so the two original sets work.

- swapped sqix and sqixa, because the the former was dumped from a bootleg board

  (though there's no reason to believe the ROMs were modified, so I didn't mark it as bootleg)

- merged with pbillian

- fixed pbillian/hotsmash sample playback

- fixed pbillian MCU simulation and inputs

- improved hotsmash MCU simulation, the game is playable now though still incomplete.


Bubble Bobble driver update [Nicola Salmoria]

- removed the 68705 CPU emulation, since that's not what the original used

- simulated the 68701 MCU

- enemy movement should now be correct (bublbobl36rc2yel)

- fixed clock item behaviour. Now enemies start moving again after 10 seconds (bublbobl36b3yel)

- supported coin lockout

- emulated the boblbobl protection device, getting rid of the ROM patches.

- adjusted PSG volume in tokio (tokiob067gre)


Fixed gaplus driver to use its samples [brian Troha]


Fixes the undocumented bit test opcodes in hd6309 cpu core [Nathan Woods]


Some i386 cpu core fixes [Nathan Woods]

- Fixed algorithm for identifying 32-bit segments

- Near branches now won't force a segment reload

- Implemented RET imm16 under 16-bit mode

- Fixed SBB instruction (the borrow was deducted from the second operand, not the result)

- Fixed LDS, LSS, LES, LFS, LGS under 32-bit mode

- Partially implemented LLDT, LTR, CLTS, WAIT and MOV dr instructions


Some C89 compilers fixes [Lawrence Gold]


Renamed arcadia machine/vidhrdw/include files from arcadia.* to amiga.* [Nathan Woods]


Fixed Vs. Stroke & Match Golf name [chaneman]


Fixed oisipuzl inputs [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Fixed Rainbow Islands visible area [Nicola Salmoria]


ST-V fixes [Angelo Salese]

- Fixed various DMA bugs, including a missing save/update mode in indirect mode and

  added a default add value for the A-Bus transfer, to avoid strange uploads.

- Further improved the SCU emulation, added two unemulated irqs (PAD and SCSP),

  improved the "illegal" DMA operations and started to work out with the games headers.


Fixed a disassembler bug with the Nec cpu core [Angelo Salese]


Fixed player 2 and 3 inputs in xenophob [Hans Andersson]


Fixed sound banking in taito_f3 driver [Nicola Salmoria]


Fixed memory leaking and added a check in debug builds [Nicola Salmoria]


Hyperstone cpu core fixes

- Added and fixed the timer and removed the hack [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

- Fixed delayed branching for delay instructions longer than 2 bytes [Tomasz Slanina]


Fixed colors and Cocktail support in Enigma 2 [chaneman, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Added SE3208 cpu core emulation [ElSemi]


Fixed model1 driver compiling problem with OpenVMS [Robert Alan Byer]


Fixed itech32 driver crash on AMD64 cpus [R. Belmont]


Fixed namco54 sound driver compiling in VisualC++ [Kenneth Miller]



New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Evolution Soccer [ElSemi]


Kabuki-Z (Japan) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Karaoke Quiz Intro Don Don [Angelo Salese]


Riot (Japan) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Super Qix (set 1 & 2) [Nicola Salmoria]


The Crystal of Kings [ElSemi]


Virtual Mahjong [Angelo Salese]






Astro Battle [HIGHWAYMAN, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Astro Fire [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Bay Route (Japan, FD1094 317-0115) [Chris Hardy]


Cotton (US, FD1094 317-0180) [Gerald]


Great Gurianos (Japan?) [Nicola Salmoria]


Rad Mobile (World) [Chris Hardy]


Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (rev 1.0) [brian Troha]



New Non-Working



Arrow Flash (Mega-Tech) [Gerald, Thierry]


Buccaneers [Tomasz Slanina]

  missing one program rom






General Improvements



MC8193 update [Nicola Salmoria]

- expanded the decryption tables, they change when bit 15 of the address is


- table for 317-0066 (Altered Beast) almost complete, but there are still

  some uncertain values for opcodes above 8000 (not actually needed)

- incomplete table for 317-0054 (Shinobi). Still not enough to decrypt the


- tables for 317-0043 (wbml) and ninjakd2 derived by comparison of the

  original with the decrypted bootleg. They are incomplete but enough to fully

  decrypt the program. Unfortunately Block Gal and Perfect Billiards cannot be

  done in the same way because encrypted and decrypted programs are different



i386 fixes [Nathan Woods]


    - disassembler will now list segment prefixes when appropriate



- fixed LMSW opcode


New Sega X-Board driver [Aaron Giles]

many improvements over the old driver


-- improved sprites (see thunderblade)

-- improved road layer (see abcop, thunderblade)

-- guns in line of fire (but it hangs at the end of the level)

-- better tilemap support (from 16b)


-- gprider no longer boots (nested interrupts)


Removed a rom patch in Exzisus [Nicola Salmoria]


Rearranged TNZS sets based on new information [Nicola Salmoria]


Cleaned up Return of Invaders driver [Nicola Salmoria]


nmk16 video update [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

- Added sprites priorities (still few problems with priority = 0)

- Fixed raphero and mmacros2 background

- Fixed manybloc (added scrolls, fixed background gfx)

- Added background banking in acrobatm


updated S2650 CPU core to count more accurate clock cycle counts [Juergen Buchmueller]


New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Thunder Blade [Aaron Giles]


New Non-working



Megatech: Alien Storm [DangSpot]

genesis i/o problems






General Improvements




Adjusted NamcoS2 sound balance


Solar Warrior driver update [bryan McPhail]

Fixed NMI & FIRQ handling according to schematics.

Fixed clock speeds.

Implemented GFX priority register/priority PROM


IremGA20 64-bit crash fix [stephen Behling]


Misc updates [Nathan Woods]



- Fixed disassembler calls, so that instructions are not falsely

disassembled as 32-bit



- Implemented SMSW instruction



- Marked retf instruction as DASMFLAG_STEP_OUT



- Added macros for pushfd() and popfd()


Added 'TRACEOVER' support to debugger (see help) [Nathan Woods]


New Debugger Commands [Aaron Giles]

- snap [<filename>] - takes a snapshot and saves it to the given <filename>;

if <filename> is omitted, this is equivalent to hitting F12

- gi[int] [<irqline>] - executes until the current CPU takes the interrupt

line specified by <irqline>; if <irqline> is omitted, executes until any IRQ

is taken on the current CPU. This has been mapped to F7 as well.

- gv[blank] - executes until the next VBLANK; this is useful for stepping

frame-by-frame from within the debugger. This has been mapped to F8.


Various Improvements [sebastien Volpe]



- palette, inputs, sound hooked up, backgounds 'decoded' (RLE)



- slight cleanup, sound hooked up, tile area identified

- jchan2 now passes initial checks


kaneko16 (bonkadv):

- priorities corrected according Luca's scheme

- sound 'improvements' (both banking and rom loading)

- game name updated

- interrupts scheduling change (not correct, but somewhat improved, see

comment) and as a consequence, fake region dsw is removed.


srmp6: new driver, Seta System 12 ?

- many things todo, gfx decoding would be nice!



- correct frequencies


Started minor cleanup of System 32 driver (some things are probably broken for

now) [David Haywood]


hypereac2 sound fix, sh2 bounds overflow fix, atarijsa memcpy fix [Mame32Plus]


Improvements to Namco 54xx Noise Generator [Jarek Burczynski]

Type A, and B emulated, type C algo still unknown


Minor Sega Update [Aaron Giles]

- renamed dbrkr to desertbr

- cleaned up the math chip emulation, should be much closer now

- fixed off-by-1 column scroll in wrestwra

- fixed shadows in S18 so they don't affect any VDP-drawn pixels


New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Wrestle War (Japan) [Gerald]

Flying Ball (Deco Cassette) [Juergen Buchmueller]

SportTime Bowling (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

Leader Board Golf (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

Ninja Mission (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

Road Wars (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

Shinobi (set 4, System 16B, unprotected) [Aaron Giles]


New Non-working



Astro Battle (Sidam) [Highwayman, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Super Real Mahjong Part 6 [sebastien Volpe]

Magic Johnson's Fast Break (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

Xenon (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

SportTime Table Hockey (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

World Darts (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

Sidewinder (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

Space Ranger (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]

7-up Spot (Arcadia) [Mariusz Wojcieszek, Ernesto Corvi]






General Improvements



Added MVP dips [brian Troha]


Fixed Reset crash in decocass driver [Juergen Buchmueller]


Added support for alt bios set and changed games to use generic unknown

dips in decocass driver [David Haywood]


Cleaned up z80 core, removing the optional inexact emulation mode and

the leading underscores from macro names to comply with C99 naming

conventions [Juergen Buchmueller]


Additional 64-bit integer related cleanups in model3/ppc [Lawrence Gold]


Fixed a history list overrun in New Debugger when the down arrow key is

pressed when the history list is empty [Nathan Woods]


Added support for DASMFLAG_STEP_OVER and DASMFLAG_STEP_OUT flags in i386

core [Nathan Woods]


Fixed memory.c MAX BANKS problem [Nathan Woods]


Added difficulty dips in Scorpion [Chaneman]


artwork070u4 fix [bUT]


074u1ora.diff fix [Rene Single]


Cleanup of Jackal and Mikie driver [Curt Coder]


Fixed missing sprites in Steel Gunner [Phil Stroffolino]


New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Desert Breaker (FD1094 317-0196) [Gerald, David Haywood]





Alien Storm (US, 3 Players, FD1094 317-0147) [Gerald]

Tetris (Japan, System 16A, FD1094 317-0093a) [Thierry]

Shinobi (set 3, System 16A, unprotected) [Gerald, Thierry]

Wrestle War (FD1094, 317-0102) [Andy Conroy]

Greyhound Trivia (alt questions) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Jump Coaster (Taito) [Thierry, Gerald]


New Non-working



Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire

protection issues






General Improvements



Model 3 Cleanups [R.Belmont]

- Added init for mpc105 bridge

- Synchronized VS2 CROMs

- Fixed missing VROMs in Sega Rally 2 and Virtual On 2

- Added VS2 '99 set, fixed incorrect ROMs in vs2v991

- Added Virtual On 2 v5.4g, Daytona USA 2, and Dirt Devils sets


Model 3 / PPC updates [Ville Linde]

- Major bugfixes to the PPC603 emulation, especially the FPU

- Improved MPC105 emulation

- Preliminary 53c810 SCSI emulation.  Lost World now

  tries to download everything necessary to the Real3D stuff

- Added export version of Scud Race



Sega System16 updates [Aaron Giles]

* hooked up sound in atomicp (tempo is just a guess right now)

* created new machine/segaic16.c to hold non-video common hardware

* preliminary multiply/compare implementation moved there

* updated some game info against Thierry's spreadsheet; altbeast needs an

encrypted Z80 for sound now

* included eswatj update from Thierry

* fixed reset bug when running 16B/18 games

* changed segaic_init_palette to take a number of palette entries


Decryption of MC-8123B 317-0066 encrypted z80 used by altbeas2 [Nicola Salmoria, Dave Widel]


Hooked up controls in some Sega X-Board games [David Haywood]

smgp, rachero, abcop


Added coin counters to prehisle driver [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Fixed remaining GFX issues in flower [bryan McPhail]


Fixed GFX problem in Superman [bryan McPhail]


Fixed? overdraw in atomic robokid [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Fixed some compiler related issues with >32-bit integers in PPC / Model 3 [Lawrence Gold]


Attempted to make Pokey random number generator work better with recordings (not verified

to improve things yet) [Juergen Buchmueller]


Trace in debugger now defaults to current active CPU if non specified [Nathan Woods]


Naughtyb / Popflame cocktail support [HobbesAtPlay]


Moved jrpacmbl to jrpacman driver [MASH]


New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Progressive Music Trivia [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Trivia Master [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Racing Hero [Gerald, David Haywood]


(AB Cop and SMGP are also now 'working' but still have some fairly serious issues)





Blood Brothers (set 2)

E-swat (Japan) [Thierry]


New Non-working



Line of Fire (Japan) [Charles Macdonald, bmoto]

no controls, xboard emulation problems






General Improvements



Sega Improvements [Aaron Giles]

many s18, s16a priority bugs fixed

fixed s16a end-of-spritelist marker

8751 simulation improved

backup ram hooked up

dipswitch fixes




Fixed sound issue when in debugger [Aaron Giles]


Misc driver cleanups [Curt Coder]


Update to frogs to allow discrete sound to be used for tongue with samples

for non-simulated sounds [Derrick Renaud]


Improvements to Renegade driver based on data from real MCU [bUT]


VC compiler fix [René Single]


Removed some obsolete Mess code [Nathan Woods]


New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Poker Dice [Aaron Giles]




Lucky and Wild (Japan) [bUT]

Steel Gunner (Japan) [bUT]

Metal Hawk (Japan) [bUT]

Ordyne (Japan, English) [Chris Hardy]

Scorpion (Zaccaria Original) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Hunchback Olympics (Scramble hardware) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Arabian Fight (Japan) [brian Troha]






General Improvements



Sega Improvements [Aaron Giles]


Sega System 16A:

* included detailed readme in the driver file

* hooked up column/row scroll (see quartet title screen) -- don't know if

it's really right yet

* reintroduced tilemap/text priorities

* corrected Z80 clock speed

* incorporated Brian Troha's updated DIPs

* minor cleanups


Sega System 16B:

* fixed ROM bank mapping so it doesn't fall through to unmapped handlers

* incorporatedBrian Troha's updated DIPs

* minor cleanups

* fixed column scroll after talking to Charles about how it



Sega System 18:

* fixed ROM bank mapping so it doesn't fall through to unmapped handlers

  (fixes Shadow Dancer crash)

* expanded memory mapping code so it works from the 8751 as well as the


* hooked up the 8751 in mwalk/mwalka/mwalkb -- these all work now

* removed coin lockouts as they were breaking several games' coin inputs

* hooked up Laser Ghost controls and added crosshair drawing (not 100% yet,

feel free to tweak)

* hooked up Where's Wally controls

* fixed astorm's Player 3 controls

* cleaned up ddcrew's inputs

* fixed sound ROM loading in astorma/astorm2p/mwalk*

* incorporated Brian Troha's updated DIPs

* minor cleanups

* added sprite masking effect used by Where's Wally

* fixed column scroll after talking to Charles about how it

works (ddcrew attract mode scrolls properly now)

* went through and fixed VDP priorities in all S18 games; everything should

be correct now, let me know if you find anything not right


Fixed i8051 cpu core bugs [Aaron Giles]

uses correct read/write memory routines for external accesses

support for external IRQs


Fixed an rf5c68 memory access bug [Aaron Giles]


Improvements to Hyper Crash [Angelo Salese]

now mostly working apart from controls and a gfx glitch on the player car


More Taito F2 Blending Improvements [bryan McPhail]

Added the TC0360PRI blending modes to the games with rotation layers.  This

includes Pulirula & Liquid Kids.  One of the blending modes is new to these

games (not used in Gun Frontier) and I have no way to verify it's actually

correct - someone with a working board will need to verify (Liquid Kids -fish

going in water in attract mode, Pulirula - crystals on level 2).


Fixed colours in Flower [bryan McPhail]


Modified Frogs driver to only use samples when actually needed [Derrick Renaud]


Misc Compiler Patches [Lawrence Gold]


Workaround for excessive RAM use in Hyperstone based games [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Fixed small problem in CHDCD [R.Belmont]


Fixed stereo sound in Jaleco MegaSystem1 games [R.Belmont]


Several fd1094 games now run with new keys [Thierry, Gerald]


PPC Core improvements (603 support) for Sega Model 3 [Ville Linde]


Temporarily disabled ym2151 save states until we work out why its crashing in

debug/symbol/map builds


Various cleanups [Atari Ace]


New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Passing Shot (World, 2 Player) [Gerald]

Where's Wally [Thierry, Aaron Giles]

Ryu Kyu [Thierry]

Bloxeed (Japan) [Thierry]

DD Crew (World, 4 Players) [Thierry]

Bayroute (World) [Thierry]

Alien Storm (World, 3 Players) [Thierry]

Shinobi (System 16A) [Thierry]

Moonwalker (3 original sets) [Aaron Giles]

Laser Ghost [Aaron Giles]


(note: Line of Fire does not work yet)


New Non-Working games / clones supported



Super Monaco GP (another set) [Gerald]


Sega Model 3 preliminary driver [Ville Linde, Andrew Gardiner, R. Belmont]

some basic 2d hooked up, nothing more


Deadeye [R.Belmont]

CD-Rom emulation problems

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Is there any plan for officially adding the 2001 games in MAME?



Not for now. Just because Kawaks has added newer games does not mean Mame will do the same.


Mame has no 4 year rule.


Meanwhile I will play all 2001 neogeo games in my Mame build :)

Edited by James
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