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WTH is going on with A@H?? I can't even see the page!!

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this is what timmmmah!!! wrote



Something is whacked here already. I can't get my mail and I can't get to the server's shell. Also, when I post there's a long delay. Oh well...




Thats his own stuff, there is a hole threa in that place reagarding "problems" people are ahving.

Some are getting "denied replys"

Some are saying its loadeing shoit

etc etc.

Evil you could try clearing your cookies and tempory internet files.?

It means you have re log in everywere were you use passwords...sometimes helps me if i am having trouble..but tis up to you.

sorry i cant get nay more info wilkl do if i get it thogh?

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Why do you want to see A@H?


i beleive he wants to download a new version of mame for athlon pc s. thats what he said on emsley's forum anyways.

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