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~ -== GameShare ==- ~ Is Here!

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After a ton of hardwork with Magnis and I, we have finally opened, GameShare! These are its features:

|||| [url="http://www.game-share.cjb.net"]http://www.game-share.cjb.net[/url] ||||

- A TOP50Emu, but 10,000 times better.
- Includes adding links for, DC/mIRC Hubs, FTP's, WEBSITES, and even, NEWSGROUPS!!
- You can add links to all kinds of roms & isos ranging from all systems and even get credited it for it on GameShare.
- There is absollutely NO Advertisements on GameShare.
- You can even use it as a TOP50Emu and add your site and be in our TOP List or what we call, "Whats Cool".
- If your link ever changes, you always have the ability to login and change it.
- We scan EVERY link for any broken links.
- Other features it includes is, Fast Loads, Displays how many people go into the site or hub, or who have clicked the link, and shows how many people are online while you are on the site.

Some further notes,

- When adding or clicking on a DC/ mIRC/ NEWSGROUP link, remember the link will always be broken, the link after the "/" of our site, you must copy and paste in the program to enter in. We are looking for a solution for this, and hopefully, we soon will.

- Last but not least check the ABOUT page for any more details regarding GameShare. Enjoy and start adding those links!!

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