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GameEx Updated


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GameEx was being updated and we've been missing the updates, here are the latest updates in reverse chronological order.


GameEx v2.58


- Now supports Mouse Wheel, for scrolling list.

- Quicker Startup.

- Fixed GameEx not initialising if ICONS used in some cases.

- Fixed problem with Images not showing if resolution not 800 X 600 and Background mode was snap.

GameEx v2.57


- Now supports ICONS. Specify an ICONPath if you would like to display them alongside each listed game.

- Tested with MAMu's ICONS, and looks pretty good.

- If your ICONS are in a zip you will have to extract them. Processing them in a ZIP was too slow.

- Displaying the ICONS does add a little time onto exiting a game and returning to GameEx. Not a lot, but if that bothers you, as with the other images displayed, you can turn off support for ICONS by not specifying a path.

GameEx v2.56


- Setting added to display Marquee images.

- New setting added MAMEAudioMode. This controls sound and music when playing a MAME game. You can now play your playlist or Jukebox music while playing MAME. Pretty cool I think. Thanks to Sound Doc for suggesting this.

- Better memory handling for images.

- Memory usage should stay consistent now. Although I have noticed a memory leak with MAME videos that I am working on.

- Official Homepage

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