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The New EmulForums Download Section/ FTP!!

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Well we're back and ready to help the emulation scene once again! We now have a new downloads section ( still adding emulators ). And a FTP!!!


We have so far around 200 roms, we are soon going to add around 800 GBA roms and around 20GB of Dreamcast iso's.


Here are the restrictions for the FTP:




User Limit: 200

Download Limit: 5

Download Speed: FAST

FTP Always On?? YES




People who were banned on my forum will not be able to use the FTP.

Please do not send the direct link to the FTP anywhere. It will constantly change. So just use the Downloads link. And please, please, enjoy!


Link: http://emulforums.cjb.net, just click on Downloads!


( If you notice we have like no emulators added yet.. and thats just because I am so busy with everything. It will all be there soon, but for the ftp just click on Roms / Isos!)

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Saturn isos are goldust man....

not only that the only emulator to even get close to anything respectabile is satourn a french thing...french nebula is french to...the clown dont even update it,...or fix bugzzzzz.

lest hope the frogs can get the satourn blazeing...i bet as soon as we see a decent saturn emu...saturn isos will be more common...even the wounderfull nights!!

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