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does KAWA x have a problem?


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ok i m using kawa x.

when i load cps2 roms it loads up backward.

meaning the control is backward.....the writings are backward.

if i press right on my controller it goes left and vise versa....


All other roms from neogeo and cps1 works perfect

i have deleted and installed the kawa x twice already to my xbox


what am i to do?


thanks in advance



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there is a bug i found in mars matrix cps 2 and gigawing cps2


after playing for a while on level 3 the sound drops out and becomes a horrible static only happens when there is a crazy amount of stuff happening but it stays like that untill you restart

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Never noticed bugs with CPS-2. I 'll try playing Mars Matrix for a while...


But about lack of sound in NeoGeo games : after playing Digger Man, even with the original Kawa-X 0.11 default.xbe, U can notice the sound is sometimes cut if U play games like Sengoku 3 or KoF 2001.


If U notice some troubles, go in TDATA & just delete the.srm file of the game in gamedata folder. When U 'll replay it, the sound 'll be fine.

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it do not matter what game i play in cps2

all cps2 games have the same problem in my kawa x

the control is backwards meaning left becomming right and viseversa

also the writing comes backward i have to use a mirror to read the writings.

i uninstalled and then installed kawa x 3 times now


please help.....

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