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  1. my avg anti virus detect kawaks 1.55 as virus, has anyone of you have this problem?i cant used 1.55 kawaks loder because of this problem.
  2. for kawaks 1.55 asr, you know i want to change the sdm moves on p1 & p2 actually i have patch p18mb but when u use takuma the game suddently crash or reset
  3. use macros go to folder ini and open the game title in notepad ini [ex.kof2002] and put this to macros & Enhanced macros[D,DR,R,D,DL,L] and read also the faq in kawaks folder
  4. how to use custom buttons in mame or mame32?
  5. what mame32 version that supports autofire?
  6. is it posible that u can use orochi iori on kof10th anniversary and kof98?
  7. i need an english metal slug 5 cheat for kawaks or if u can help me to translate this cheat code into enlish [0] Name=§ë¹ô¶}©l®Éªº®É¶¡ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10FDDB,99 Default=0 [1] Name=PRESS 1P OR 2P START¦r¼Ë 0=OFF,0,0 1=¨ú®ø,100965,AA 2=¤@ª½Åã¥Ü,100965,00 Default=0 [2] Name=¿ï¤H®É¶¡ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10095F,99 Default=0 [3] Name=¹CÀ¸®É¶¡ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10D67F,99 Default=0 [4] Name=P1¿ï¤H 0=OFF,0,0 1=MARCO,100A41,00 2=ERI,100A41,02 3=TARMA,100A41,01 4=FIO,100A41,03 Default=0 [5] Name=P1Áô¨­ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,100D48,C8 Default=0 [6] Name=P1¥u¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=1,100A40,01 2=2,100A40,02 3=3,100A40,03 4=4,100A40,04 5=5,100A40,05 6=6,100A40,06 7=7,100A40,07 8=8,100A40,08 9=9,100A40,09 Default=0 [7] Name=P1«R¸¸¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=10,10DDDC,0A 2=20,10DDDC,14 3=30,10DDDC,1E 4=40,10DDDC,28 Default=0 [8] Name=P1ºj 0=OFF,0,0 1=¤p¦Ì,10D455,00 2=¤õµKA,10D455,02 3=¸òÂܾɼuA,10D455,03 4=¤õµKB,10D455,04 5=H,10D455,05 6=ÅJ®g,10D455,06 7=¤õµKC,10D455,07 8=¾É¼uA,10D455,08 9=¤õµKD,10D455,09 10=H2,10D455,0A 11=²ÊÅJ®g,10D455,0B 12=¸òÂܾɼuB,10D455,0C 13=¾É¼uB,10D455,0D 14=¸õ¼u,10D455,0E 15=¾É¼uC,10D455,0F 16=H3,10D455,10 17=2H,10D455,12,100D59,02 18=2H(­D¤lª¬ºA¡A¶·°t¦X¤Hª«ª¬ºA¨Ï¥Î),10D455,12,100D59,04 Default=0 [9] Name=P1¤l¼u 0=OFF,0,0 1=999,10D45C,E7,10D45D,03 Default=0 [10] Name=P1¹p¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10D456,63 Default=0 [11] Name=P1¹pºØÃþ 0=OFF,0,0 1=´¶³q,10D457,01 2=¤õµK,10D457,02 3=¥ÛÀY,10D457,03 Default=0 [12] Name=P1¤Hª«ª¬ºA 0=OFF,0,0 1=­D¤l¡]¨Ï¥Î¤£¥¿±`®É½Ð¥Î²Ä¤G±ø¡^,100D57,01,10D458,FF,10D459,20 2=­D¤l,100D57,01 3=¥¿±`,100D57,00 Default=0 [13] Name=P1µo¼u®É¶¡µL¶¡¹j 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10D452,FF Default=0 [14] Name=P1­¼§¤¨®½ø®Éªº¹p¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10DCDE,63 Default=0 [15] Name=P1±o¤À 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10DE14,99,10DE15,09,10DE16,99,10DE17,99 Default=0 [16] Name=P2¿ï¤H 0=OFF,0,0 1=MARCO,100B05,00 2=ERI,100B05,02 3=TARMA,100B05,01 4=FIO,100B05,03 Default=0 [17] Name=P2Áô¨­ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,100E38,C8 Default=0 [18] Name=P2¥u¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=1,100B04,01 2=2,100B04,02 3=3,100B04,03 4=4,100B04,04 5=5,100B04,05 6=6,100B04,06 7=7,100B04,07 8=8,100B04,08 9=9,100B04,09 Default=0 [19] Name=P2«R¸¸¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=10,10DDE4,0A 2=20,10DDE4,14 3=30,10DDE4,1E 4=40,10DDE4,28 Default=0 [20] Name=P2ºj 0=OFF,0,0 1=¤p¦Ì,10D465,00 2=¤õµKA,10D465,02 3=¸òÂܾɼuA,10D465,03 4=¤õµKB,10D465,04 5=H,10D465,05 6=ÅJ®g,10D465,06 7=¤õµKC,10D465,07 8=¾É¼uA,10D465,08 9=¤õµKD,10D465,09 10=H2,10D465,0A 11=²ÊÅJ®g,10D465,0B 12=¸òÂܾɼuB,10D465,0C 13=¾É¼uB,10D465,0D 14=¸õ¼u,10D465,0E 15=¾É¼uC,10D465,0F 16=H3,10D465,10 17=2H,10D465,12,100E49,02 18=2H(­D¤lª¬ºA¡A¶·°t¦X¤Hª«ª¬ºA¨Ï¥Î),10D465,12,100E49,04 Default=0 [21] Name=P2¤l¼u¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=999,10D46C,E7,10D46D,03 Default=0 [22] Name=P2¹p¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10D466,63 Default=0 [23] Name=P2¹pºØÃþ 0=OFF,0,0 1=´¶³q,10D467,01 2=¤õµK,10D467,02 3=¥ÛÀY,10D467,03 Default=0 [24] Name=P2ª¬ºA 0=OFF,0,0 1=­D¤l¡]¨Ï¥Î¤£¥¿±`®É½Ð¥Î²Ä¤G±ø¡^,100E47,01,10D468,FF,10D469,20 2=­D¤l,100E47,01 3=¥¿±`,100E47,00 Default=0 [25] Name=P2µo¼u®É¶¡µL¶¡¹j 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10D462,FF Default=0 [26] Name=P2­¼§¤¨®½ø®Éªº¹p¼Æ 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10DD0A,63 Default=0 [27] Name=P2±o¤À 0=OFF,0,0 1=ON,10DE1C,99,10DE1D,09,10DE1E,99,10DE1F,99 Default=0 [28] Name=¿ïÃö 0=OFF,0,0 1=²Ä¤@Ãö,10D681,00 2=²Ä¤GÃö,10D681,01 3=²Ä¤TÃö,10D681,02 4=²Ä¥|Ãö,10D681,03 5=²Ä¤­Ãö,10D681,04 6=³qÃö,10D681,05 Default=0 [Region] Default=0
  8. hi! where did u get kawaks loader?because i need it
  9. i dont think if this is the one u needd http://d.turboupload.com/d/750292/convert2.zip.html
  10. help! i need a dat file for the king of fighters special edition 2004 super plus
  11. help ! how to create dynamic list n final burn evolution?
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