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  1. Anyone got this working on a Supercard[mini]SD? v0.4 worked great for me. v0.5a connects OK but then doesnt seem to update the screens or let me scroll around or interact at all. Odd. I tried changing the update speed to min & max, still no screen refreshing.
  2. Mite seem obvious but no one seems to have mentioned it.. the possibility to save manually entered configuration.. because its a real pain having to type in the Ips by hand every time. Maybe a quick solution would be to hex edit the default values from the.nds file.. assuming its not compressed or relying on a certain crc?
  3. YEY got it working after following the manual config guide here: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16926
  4. *bump* please help me im just a poor boy
  5. DS2Win.. I click connect, and it shows my wifi network (which works fine for tetris ds, mariokart ds etc). I select it, and it asks me for "Server IP".. I change the value to the IP of my wifi card ( because by default it says not sure why? It then quickly says: Status: Associated ..then it asks me for my password, which I give it (abc.. as set on the pc side application). ...then it tells me "Connection status: waiting"... and just hangs there forever. Any ideas guys? p.s. when I do "ipconfig /all" there is no gateway specified for my wifi card. Manually setting one doesnt seem to help matters either.
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