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  1. Might seem like a silly question, but do you know that the sound works? Have you tried it in another program? Also, it's kind of quiet on mine...even with the volume all the way up I need to move it close to my ear to hear it at first.
  2. I'm trying it on a flashed system with the GBAMP and it seems to work very well, and quite impressively. It's a little glitchy every now and then (I hear a few pops and clicks) but mostly it works terrifically.
  3. Absolutely, it's a great game, well made and original. It should definitely win.
  4. Sintax, Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I'm at the end of my semester. Anyhow, yes, the keyboard works now, thank you very much! The zoomed view still doesn't seem right though. As far as I can tell, when I zoom in and switch the screens, the mouse is confined to the bottom right corner of the full screen, in roughly the size of the captured area, it just isn't actually the same as the zoomed area, so the only way I've found to get the mouse in just the right spot is to zoom, switch screens, and then change to "relative mode" for mouse movement and drag the cursor where I want it... Still a terrific program though...and did I hear that it can work over the internet now? Doesn't have to be on the same router? (oh, and if it helps any, I'm using the GBAMP) Thanks again!
  5. Hi there. First, I want to say that this is an excellent program, one which I use all the time (I like to be able to keep tabs on on what's going on with the computer from various other places in the house). I kept the WEP off for a while so I could use it, until this new implementation which works very well. One thing I had hoped would be changed in this version, however, wasn't, and so I figured I'd ask if it would be possible for the next version, if there is one. While it's great to be able to easily focus on any part of the screen, enlarging it to the top screen, it can be hard to get the mouse into exactly the right position. Basically I run into being able to clearly see the button I want to click, but it's so small on the lower screen that it's hard to tap just the right spot. I know you can switch screens with the shoulder buttons, so that the enlarged view is on the bottom, but as far as I can tell, that doesn't change anything for the mouse...if the zoomed section is in the corner of the desktop and I try to click something in the middle of it, the mouse goes to the middle of the actual desktop. Couldn't it be made to work so that when the screen is switched, the mouse is also locked into that area, so that it would be easier to select whatever you wanted? Oh, and lastly, the on-screen keyboard doesn't work in all programs for me (specifically it doesn't work with GAIM). Do you know why? Otherwise this really is an incredible program, thanks for making it!
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