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  1. I did use the EXACT same p1 and p2 files that Bahn Yuki uses (after trying my own for an hour or so) and the EXACT same default.xbe. I also deleted the 0000fa7e folder in TDATA several times, pretty much every time I tested it. I really hope this pack will have some magic.
  2. Just toiled for hours trying to get the SVC Rom to work using Soyokaze's Strikers 1945 renaming method with no luck. I got the P1/P2 roms and the modified default.xbe necessary from Bahn Yuki, uploaded it, got nothing several times. I tried them both on my patched/updated and unpatched SVC Roms, every time, Kawa-X freezes while loading 254-p2.bin. I seriously tried everything, even just flashed the newest Xecutor BIOS to see if it was just incompatible with my older one, still nothing. If anyone has had my problem (freezing while loading 254-p2.bin) and fixed it, please let me know. I guess I will try out the packs when they come out tomorrow, but I have a feeling they won't work for me =/
  3. Is there a fix yet for the secret character's sound effects that have been missing? I tried the M1 patch, but it didn't seem to fix--was this supposed to fix something else?
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