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  1. It's good enough to say that FBA-XXX Pro is dead now.
  2. Good to know, I like checking here for an update; if you noticed my post count, the only topic I post is here, because this is the reason I signed up here. (Note to self, I'm on way too many forums). Can't wait for that update.
  3. *casts Revive on this thread* I honestly think this is the longest for an update since Pro was released; +T+ you alright man? Haven't heard anything in this thread.
  4. I can check FBA-XXX after work, but the merging list problem has existed since the addition of the beta list. I know the hiding clones option was retarded, I just thought of it as I was making the post, and threw the idea out there, seeing if it was just a simple addition or not. Thanks for looking into the other issues, I appreciate it. I'll try to look for more bugs.
  5. + T +: The beta menu works great so far, but I still have one major concern. In all of the versions before 1.17 when beta was added, I turned off all of the menus, resulting in them merging into 1 big menu. I try doing that, and then I only see the one I'm currently in, and press L or R results in a blank list, and hard-locks the emu, and restarting the emu does nothing, and just shows an empty black screen, until I remove my settings inis... Could you also revert it to where if you turned beta on/off, the emu restarted automatically? If not it's no big deal, since you only need to set it on/off only once. On a side note, I'd like to say that I like the work on the beta games. The more games, the merrier! (Within reason.) Hope for TMNT to have sound soon, I appreciate the work put into the newer games. Edit: I got some time to play around with 1.26 finally after waiting for a certain someone at a certain place to post all of the updated roms, so now I'm good to go. * Slap Fight (just the original, no variation) is apparently missing a rom called 67805.bin (don't remember the 5 digit number offhand), so it can't load, and that particular bin file isn't in the DAT. * None of the beta games use the background picture option, such as Galaxian -- shows a black bg instead. * Samurai Aces (World) has this very bad screeching noise in it. Pausing in-game doesn't fix it either. * Moon Quasar locks up the emulator when selecting Exit Game from mini-menu. Once again, I appreciate all of the hard work that is put into this emulator, so I delibertly try to find problems before you stop working on it. I tried to get XPort to fix a few things in certain emulators, he ignored me, and then those versions sit for years on end with the certain bugs that I mention. I have a somewhat of a strange request tho; that option to hide the variation names of the sets, with the left thumbstick, is it possible to hide all duplicates that way too? If I'm going to use that sort (I don't), then I'd like to see only one of each title instead. I'd see myself using it more or less with kisok mode, for when I have friends that don't understand all of this version stuff can just see one of each game and pick it. If this isn't possible, no big deal of course, just a friendly spur-of-the-moment suggestion.
  6. Marvel vs. Capcom works just fine for me; however, does anyone have the Beta problems that I have, with the list itself locking up the emu completely, and not being able to merge all of the games onto a list like before by turning off all of the menus.
  7. 9 day bump since anyone besides me has replied here?
  8. Wow, these updates look great, I haven't been here in a bit, but I have 2 main concerns: 1. What happened to the option of having all of the different games on one big menu if you turned off the various menus? 2. No matter how I get to the Beta games, scrolling down to like the 4th or 5th game on the list LOCKS the emu up. No settings change minus turning Beta on, not even trying to load a game, just locking it up completely -- I tried deleting a few roms, but it didn't seem to help.
  9. What he's asking for is similar in Kawa-X, an option where you can play games like Pang 3, which is a Japanese only game, in full English, by simplying changing the language, since it's already contained in the rom. I second this request.
  10. Uh, why would you want to remove roms, especially since most of the people interested in Pro want the entire set?
  11. Is there a list of CPS1/2/NG games that have not been added yet? I'm just curious to know what other games there are. (This would include known clones/bootlegs/hacks)
  12. This hasn't been posted anywhere such as xbins yet, has it?
  13. Why would re-mapping the shortcut make a difference to that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The white (or black, doesn't make a difference) button triggers multiple buttons including A, which basically presses A an extra time after the mode is opened, kicking it immediately into the Hardware Test.)
  14. Is it possible to make Diagnostics/Service Mode shortcuts mappable? Whenever I access the diagnostics mode using the shortcut in a NeoGeo game, it usually brings me to the Hardware Test immediately, and I can't get out of it without resetting the ROM.
  15. I saw this topic and was just oging to ask that --- thank you.
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