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  1. I would be happy to help test this, I have a HD setup at home and would love to see this fixed. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  2. Hey +T+, glad to see your alive Just thought I'd post my latest list of bugs: 1) Reset ROM is still not working 2) Scrolling through the gamelist with the left joystick is WAY too fast now 3) Using HD locks system, although I believe this is a problem with FBA-XXX and not Pro Other than that all is perfect. Take care and thanks for the update
  3. Heya +T+, I found a bug in the latest version, and boy is it a doozy -- the reset option no longer works! I've tried both the in game shortcut (L+R+START), and by selecting "Reset Game" from the in-game menu, but the game just continues on like nothing happened Also, on the "Show Help" screen, the description for the reset shortcut reads "Reset Ro", not "Reset ROM" Other than that everything is looking awesome, long live FBA-XXX Pro!!!
  4. Hey +T+, good to see you back Hope you don't mind if I report a bug and share a few thoughts: 1) Skins with different music for each system only play a single track now. I noticed sound options were missing from the GUI, but were still in the ini -- perhaps some code was removed by accident? 2) A shameless request: would it be possible to update the in-game menu so the bottom of the list goes: Dip Switches Diagnostics Mode Service Mode Reset Game Exit Game It would be nice to have Reset Game right above the Exit Game option for quicker access 3) So have all of the updates made to the regular version since Pro 1.17 now been incorporated, or was there anything you decided not to put into your build? Thanks for all the hard work, it must have been a nightmare comparing all of the source code
  5. +T+, I've found a few bugs in the latest build I thought you should be aware of: 1) Sound in Last Blade 2 intro is staticy now. Probably effects other games as well, but this is the only one I've noticed. BTW, this bug also appears in gogo's latest builds. 2) ms5pcb is listed as using the NeoGeo BIOS (ie "romof neogeo"), at least in the DAT 3) A big one: in the gamelist fr2ch's system is labeled as "Neo Geo", instead of "Neo-Geo" like all other Neo games Also, I was curious what fixes, if any, were left out from gogo's latest FBA build? Thanks again for continuing to improve this already awesome emu!
  6. ...or while in game click the right joystick, and from the In-Game Menu select "DIP switches". From there you can adjust options such as the BIOS, region, MVS/AES, along with a few other nifty ones. The DIP switches allow you to configure each game individually (and change the language), while changing the BIOS in the "Emulator Options" menu will effect all NeoGeo games. Use whichever method works best for you
  7. I agree, an option that hides non-working / unXORd CPS2 games would be awesome!! This would be nice even for those of us who don't use the "hide clones" option
  8. +T+, did any of that info on the mvsc bug help, or would you like me to post code snippets from the MAME source? Thanks again for another great release
  9. Do you have any more info on how the mvsc bug was fixed? Or do you know of an older version of FBA/FBA-XXX in which it was not present? I've spent the past few days trying out as many different builds of FBA that I could find (including the latest v0.2.95.23), and the verdict is all of the versions I tested have this bug. With that said, I will make the logical assumption that this bug has always existed in FBA-XXX/Pro, seeing as how both use FBA for their base code. I know it's fixed in Final Burn v0.26 and in MAME, and although I cannot find the location of the fix within the Final Burn source, I have found the MAME fix -- within "src\vidhrdw\cps1.c" (just search for Marvel). Hopefully it's possible to grab the needed code from the MAME source, and not only from a FBA derivative..... Let me know if there is anything more I can do
  10. Seeing as how another update is in the works, I thought I should mention the few bugs I have found, in hopes that they will make it into the next release: - Old "misaligned character sprites in the mvsc ending" bug, which was fixed in Final Burn v0.26, exists in both FBA-XXX and Pro. This is fixed in most other emulators, although I was unable to find the exact lines of code to fix this problem. - When configuring the second players PPP / KKK buttons, they are reverted back to the L / R buttons after exiting FBA-XXX. Very annoying to have to reconfigure this everytime...... - An easy one; Last Blade 2 comes before Last Blade in the gamelist Lastly, not a bug, but a request i'm sure many would appreciate...... - Any chance of updating the gamelist, or creating an option, so that non-working sets (i.e kof2003, svcchaos ) and unXORd CPS2 games are not shown? This would be nice for those of use who use the "hide clones" option. My FBA-XXX buglist was much longer before, but then I went Pro and found that 90% of the bugs were squashed. Thanx for such a solid emu +T+ !!!
  11. I'll test it out myself and provided it doesn't cause any problems I'll do so in the next release. Awesome, thanx +T+! I look forward to using future packed builds with your seal of approval
  12. Yes, it works just fine. I've been using a packed version since the day 1.01 was released with no problems +T+, any chance of future builds including a packed version in the archive?
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