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  1. Hello

    when i'm trying too do the UDP TEST and i click on a button my computer tell me i have a Ip conflict, i think my router ip is, but i don't know what is my DS ip..? how i can know this?, and how i can repair the ip conflict?


    Leave the settings as they are, just make sure the first 192.168.1.* are changed to 192.168.0.* for your setup. When you get to the last screen (it should have the "DEST IP:" followed by an IP) change the ip to your pc's ip. Tell me if you need any more help.

  2. Just a reminder, version 0.11 is now out, it fixes the default light setting.


    Also, tomorrow or later today I hope to release a version with the saved wifi settings like tssf suggested.

  3. DS2Key has it's own sub forum now. We need to start making new posts and leave this one be, its big enough as it is.



    Here's my first application for the DS, it sends PC Keyboard signals through wifi so you can use your DS somewhat like a PC Gamepad. Sorry for the lack of info, ask questions if you need help with my program.


    Download DS2Key





    (01.24.06) 0.2

    DS Side:

    Light switch should function correctly now.

    PC Side:

    Developed a GUI, reads from DS2Key.ini. Currently Buggy.


    (01.19.06) 0.11

    Fixed bug where light would be off by default manually booting with a *me.


    (01.17.06) 0.1

    First Release

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