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  1. Sorry to keep asking when it's a free duty-free hobby to you, Sypherce.

    But, more than requests, there's a little problem when DS2Key refuses to work after some time and i need to reboot my DS and reconect again.

    I wonder if you or anybody else's aware of it or know if it has a fix.

    I experience it using DS2Key + PPJoy + ePSXe or DS2Key + PPJoy + Joy2Key + some PC game wich doesn't recognize PPJoy virtual joystick.


    Take your time and rest assured DS2Key is the only use for my Wi-Fi MAX lately.


    I haven't encountered that... mabey it's an old dswifi problem? I'll be updating the dswifi in the next release (as well as libnds and devkitpro itself). Also, just to check before I finish up ds2key and release it, is there anytbing else needed fixed? I just did mouse clicking support, and multiple gamepad support. ALso I fixed the stick mouse position problem I believe.

  2. So Sypherce, any hint of a new version?

    Maybe just including some user sugestions available, as saving port #, PC interface # and default profile # in a INI or CFG file on the card. New inerface. Maybe a GUI for PC end?

    Please tell us you didn't stop yet. DS2Key is the best app along DSOrganize, DSFTP, NDSMail and Moonshell, for me at least.


    Maybe could you make it a plugin for DSOrganize 2.45 beta? A sample plugin is available in the DSOrganize page.




    I have not given up on ds2key, I've just had a plate full of dslua lately. I do have plans to work on ds2key tomorrow and see what I can conjour up. About the plugin thing, I havn't looked into it yet, but I will.



    I would like to notify everyone I still havn't gotten to ds2key but it IS on my mind daily. I'll try to do some work tomorrow, who knows... we may see a release tomorrow.

  3. Hello,


    first, please excuse me for my terrible english, i'm german and i can't write english very good but i hope you can understand it.

    I read that the M3 Simply is so new that not all homebrew programs are working on it. Works DS2Key? Or must i buy a M3 Perfect to use it?




    DS2Key should work with your hardware, although I have no way to test or verify, I do not see why it would not as I don't use filesystem functions at all. If you have difficulties, try to load each version and see if one works (if the others don't).

  4. Hi all ! It's probably a stupid question, but i can't find the answer anywhere..

    How the mouse buttons works ?!! The cursor moves but how can i do a damn click ??!


    I believe (someone can correct me if I'm wrong) that 0.6 doesn't hold the ability to actually click the mouse buttons. I do believe I have an early 0.7 somewhere on my harddrive that's not quite finished, but holds this ability. I'll see about working on it in the next few days.

  5. I have DS2Key up and running on my DS and using the default "0"-profile.

    My problem is that whenever I press (or release) a key on the DS the mousepointer on my windowsXP-screen resets to the middle of the screen.


    About the mouse pointer, I think you can get it to stop by enabling the mouse for a second by pressing the "mouse" button ( "touch" button? ). If I remember theres a slight bug that does exactly what your saying until you do that little procedure. ( Sorry if this isn't helpfull but its 5:42am where I am and I haven't slept ).

  6. Well the numbers 0202A8C0 mean, is that an ip in your network? If it isn't, your wfc settings aren't correct, if it is, respond and we'll continue debugging.


    yes it is my ip. But if it says i'm connected then why are my wfc settings wrong?


    Have you set the pc ip on the ds to the correct one? Also is it actually functioning? If so you can just ignore that message, its not specifically an error, its more like debugging information.

  7. I honestly hate doing guis myself, I will do it eventually, but when I do it, I wanna do it right (in c/c++). So .net is out of the question (I really hate extra libraries). If anyone does something crazy and makes a gui for it I will be glad, but hopefully I just get around to it myself.

  8. Hi there,


    I have an error message when i try to use the new 0.6 version.


    I got the whole wfc to work, it says i'm connected. But when I get to the subtext menu, I get a weird message when i try to press any buttons.


    I have already set the configuration file and booted up the windows app ds2key.exe


    the message is "ARP: request IP 0202A8C0"


    I'm not sure what this means or how to fix the problem, ds2key 0.4 works fine for me tho.


    Any suggestions? Thanks!



    Well the numbers 0202A8C0 mean, is that an ip in your network? If it isn't, your wfc settings aren't correct, if it is, respond and we'll continue debugging.

  9. My PC is and my DS is


    Never mind,just got it runing ok.

    Any way to make the right IP a default?


    Not at this point, I would use sram but that won't work on supercard(without a hassle) or gbamp, and sd/cf reading is always a hassle. Mabey I'll make it so you can patch it into the rom itself...


    ::Edit:: I might also try to broadcast on the network to find the ip.

  10. Version 0.6 now has virtual gamepad emulation, this means you can use DS2Key with any application requiring a joystick/gamepad.

    When in gamepad mode the touch screen is used as a analog stick, which resets to the center when not being pressed (similar to any other joystick).

    Currently the gamepad mode only works for a single person, but key modes MIGHT function properly for other people at the same time.

    You must install a external program (PPJoy) to make use of the gamepad mode functions, I've included the instructions on how to do so in the archive.

    Also I included a simple configuration application that runs in text mode, its still a little confusing but it should be easier then just manual editing.

    If anyone has problems with DS2Key or wants to suggest something or anything else reply here or contact me by email or something :P .



  11. I'm using epsxe, but thanks i was thinking about editing something. Can you tell me how to edit the config file please? I dont know which code number is the start button to my ds. Thanks alot man


    Lol, woops, I meant epsxe (double checks the emulator name this time) :3. The keys are placed in ds2key.p0.ini (ds2key.p1.ini, etc) in this order:



























    Setting Start to 46 (letter C) should work.

  12. Hey guys, DS2key is excellent, however there just this one thing. I'm using epsxe emulator, and when i try to use the start button, as start for epsxe, it resets all my controls to none. Could you try fixing this for the next version, so the start button is usable as start on epsxe. THANKS


    PS: This things ace, not much lag (only by like 1 second nothing major, and i'm downloading something). Keep up the good work, much appreciated.


    I believe in pcsx that enter clicks the "reset to default" button. You can simply edit the config file so that the start button is some other button (most any other should do).

  13. Here it is, finally a version with touch screen buttons. Hopefully there aren't many bugs in this version, if you find some, please respond here. It's late so I probably forgot a few things... anyways.. ask questions if I missed something.



  14. I actually started the on screen buttons last night (good timing I guess), I need to polish it a bit before releasing (add an option for where the buttons lay).

  15. @Djohie: Are you meaning just through the usb charger? Or are you asking about through the wifi with a special driver as well? It is technically possible to fake the ds as a joystick/gamepad, not using the keyboard for input, but actual joystick functions. Although I havn't fully taken the time to implement that.

  16. Hi, I think I have a problem with ds2key or I don't know how to configure it.


    I'm using max media launcher with m3minisd.

    I have inactivated Windows firewall.

    I launch ds2key.exe wich says "Awaiting UDP messages on port 9501"

    I lauch ds2key.nds, connects to an AP, search for an AP, found my router, accept, connect.

    Enter ds2key, accept UDP port, accept profile 0.


    And... nothing.

    There is a lot of hex code with RTRTs on the upper screen when I press buttons, but there is no reaction on the computer side. ds2key stills awaits UDP messages, and Notepad records no input.


    What have I done wrong?


    First thing that come to mind is: Did you change the IP on the final screen to your PC's IP?

  17. This might be interesting for me to play with in about a month or so. My cousin is giving me her old mac so I should be able to play around with this. =3

  18. I seem to be having a bit of a problem getting this to work. When I have my ds set to use the Official USB adapter and the official drivers, DS2Key will run but I can't connect to my computer. If I use the unofficial settings involving a SoftAP, the program freezes at the message "Waiting for ARM7 to init.." during boot-up. 


    Any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it? 


    I would appreciate any help/advice received.


    Can I ask what device your using to boot up DS2Key? With my Supercard CF I've gotten that freeze only when first turning on DS2Key, but loading the wrong format. Supercard's require homebrew to use the .ds.gba renamed to .nds...

  19. ds2key is small enough to fit into the nds ram, so we can take out our flashcard. then we have a empty GBA slot. how about putting the gba rumblepack of metroid pinball in it to use the Force Feedback of some games? Is it possible?


    Maybe this was allready requested, but i didnt find a matching titel about this in this subforum....


    It has been requested, and it is planned to happen at some time. Problem is I'm not sure how to do it off the top of my head. I'm thinking I might have to make a virtual device, since the rumble feature is received, and not sent.

  20. Just making sure everyone notices the new beta. Here's what I added into the original post:


    Edit #2:

    Added support for multiple DS Clients for one Server. Depends on profiles, which are named DS2Key.p#.ini, and the port # is stored in DS2Key.ini. Since everything is in a.ini file you don't need to run the.bat file, just the.exe.


    If anyone would like to make a external GUI for the pc side, preferably in perl, please contact me (Nxg, would you be able to?)


    Grab the download in the original post! Feedback is greatly apreciated!

  21. I was wondering what the new features of the next version will be? Also, is there any progress? It's understandable if real life is getting in the way, but this forum has been kind of dead since the last release.

    Readers: leave suggestions on features you would like.


    I guess the biggest feature I'm most looking forward to is the use of multiple DSs for multiple controllers. 4 player Jump and Bump, anyone?


    Sorry for taking so long to respond, I've partially been busy, and the other half lazy. If you haven't noticed already the current build is pinned in this forum as a beta.


    About the multiple DS's for one server, I'll be updating the build on the site shortly with a version that can run multiple DS's (I haven't tested it thoroughly since I only have one DS). I've tested it with a friend that connected to my IP at his place, and it worked fine with 2 people. Bugs are most likely in it so please.





    I really only use the wardriving features so far.. I use it to help find a router i can play wifi games on.. as the ds hates my home router. I put it in wardriving mode and wander around looking for the best signal. Hotness. 


    Not sure how feasible the idea is... but it would be cool if it could keep track of the acess points found in like a text file or something... Maybe even record the packets instead of just viewing them on the fly.


    It's a very nice idea and it's completely possible, although I don't know if it will end up in DS2Key. I will keep a note, and try to implement it, as I myself wouldn't mind having that feature.

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