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  1. Attached below is a test version of DS2Key. This version is similar to 0.3 except I've used the wifi_lib version 0.3 which means it has DHCP, WEP, etc. Hopefully in a day or two I get a test version of the server made, I'll update here until I'm ready to release a completed version.


    For now, those of you that want to test, please tell me of your troubles getting this version to work. Tell me if anything is working better or worse then in previous versions. Also feel free to contact me privately.



    I finished a pc server similar to the 0.11 (its console based), except it has mouse support.


    Edit #2:

    Added support for multiple DS Clients for one Server. Depends on profiles, which are named DS2Key.p#.ini, and the port # is stored in DS2Key.ini. Since everything is in a.ini file you don't need to run the.bat file, just the.exe.








    If anyone would like to make a external GUI for the pc side, preferably in perl, please contact me (Nxg, would you be able to?)

  2. sweet...i want to play suikoden first and foremost. how does that run on your computer?


    edit: i forgot to ask....what plugins do you use?


    I use Petes plugins, depending on which system yours supports, use OpenGL or DirectX...


    DirectX works best on my system, and I think it's the same for you, at least my friends laptop, which is similar, had less problems with DirectX...


    You might give the software based one a shot too...




    ::edit:: I didnt play suikoden on the laptop.... :D

  3. i ran the emu on my desktop pretty easily, but id like to play it on my laptop.


    my laptop is essentially stronger than my desktop pc, except im a bit worried about my graphics card not being able to handle the ps graphics.


    under my device manager, it displays

    Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family

    twice for my display adapters.


    so, can i run ePSXe smoothly?


    also, my laptop is a pentium M 1.7 ghz 512MB ram...if theres anything else you need to know about my machine let me know.


    thanks for any input


    From my experience with my laptop (933 mhz, pentium 3, 256MB ram, ati 8MB video ram) I can run some games quite well, others not so well. Considering yours is a BIT better then mine, you should be able play things as long as you don't boost up the settings..

  4. can anyone connect with ds2key to an AP that isnt broadcasting the SSID? Cuz I sure cant unless I turn it on


    This is a known problem with DS2Key 0.4, it will be fixed in the next release, although I have no idea when this will come out, I'm hard at work at it, but I'm not sure when I can make a release.

  5. ok, i'm just going to explain my situation clearly. i have a ds, a passme 1, a gbamp ver. 2, and a wireless network. i have three computers on wireless networks, and all in different rooms. is it possible to use ds2key to control my laptop, a client of the wireless network? or, when i use ds2key, will it control every single computer on the network? please help


    DS2Key communicates with a pc application, so it will only control the computer the server app is ran on. You should be fine, just remember not to use wep encryption.

  6. Hmm, it doesn't seem to work for me. it just keeps displaying "searching". My DS seems to be connected to my pc though, because its mac address is associated. I even double (well actually more then twice) checked port, ip etc. Some additional info:

    - I use GBAMP

    - I do not use a WEP key

    - Other programs like the wifi test prog from stgair and WIN2DS work fine.


    So any idea what is going (or what I am doing) wrong?


    It seems to not be communicating with the pc/server, only the router. Try DS2Key 0.3 and see if it's a problem with this version if you can't connect with 0.3 its probably a configuration problem.


    Also, if you can post your ip numbers for the ds/client please do.

  7. After long hours of rewriting all of the code, version 0.4 of DS2Key has finally been released!


    In this version...

    >>DS: Complete rewrite of all code.

    >>DS: GUI finally added!!

    >>DS: No more lag when using the mouse and buttons simultaneously.

    >>DS: Wardriving merged into initial connection.

    >>DS: CF save/load support.

    >>SRC: Finally! The source code is released!(SO THIS TIME WE CAN'T LOSE IT!)




    »»DS2Key Archives


    Also Bookmark our site: http://ds2key.1emulation.com/.

  8. Nice.


    Are you making any changes/adjustments to the wifi wardriving tool by chance?


    No, not in this version, I'll try to do is when I have the time, I think I'm just gonna add in the old text version on this one, not even bother with a window for it. The text and such will look more like the current ds2key though.

  9. DS2Key 0.4 is almost ready to be released, not sure how long this will take but it shouldn't be long. The following is what needs to be touched up.


    1. Disable menu and buttons when in input-mode.

    2. Add Disconnect Button

    3. Add Icons to Menus

    4. Enable Tools, and re-implement Wardriving

    5. Adjust some of the graphics


    Also, here's a screen shot



  10. LOL, wow... Wish I could get a copy of the issue to rub in my friend's noses! lol.. Lets hope I get the new version out (should be this weekend) mabey it'll appear some time in other mags...

  11. Just a heads up, 0.4 will now only be a update to the ds side, no feature enhancements other then a new gui, a complete remake of the ds side actually.


    0.41 will be a release of the new PC/Server side GUI. Again, just a remake and source code release, then 0.42+ will be feature enhancements.


    Source will have to be released this time, so this time I won't lose it :banghead:

  12. I would have used GMail for storing my files, but theres no autoupdate feature, and I can't really store the whole thing in the folder, as it doesn't cache it.


    But I got a cheap service yesterday that basically does what I want, for $10 a year for 1GB. So it should update what needs updated every 15 minutes, and I'm trying to make a copy every once in a while in there so I have backups from earlier dates as well.


    Only reason I got this is because I'm really just too lazy for backing up stuff manually, I know I would never do it enough, now I know I'm covered.

  13. Something unfortunate happened on sunday. My harddrive got corrupt and I was force to format. The result is everything i erased, including all my source code.


    Good News though, I've started reprogramming DS2Key and all is going smoothly, I'm implementing the GUI on the ds side still, it's going quite well though. This should only be a little speed bump, although I can't promise new features except the GUI on the DS for now.


    0.4 will be a DS Side release, everything should be back to normal and better. 0.5 will contain new features, and improved mouse support.


    Also, I will be making sure to release source code with every version so this doesn't happen again.

  14. You are still trying to get it working on the GBAMP again, right?


    I wish I had some ideas for future versions, but I've got nothing.



    ps. Loving the new interface. Can't wait to get to use it.


    The gbamp problem will be fixed, if possible could you help test it before I release it, as I do not own one.

  15. I'm just looking for ideas on what people think should be included in DS2Key 0.4, or later versions.


    Right now I'm working on a new interface from scratch for the DS side of things. Here's a developer screen shot. post-8539-1140666600_thumb.jpg


    One of the things I'm thinking of adding in, just as a little added extra is a PC->DS Clock synchronizing tool.


    Also mouse support will be reworked so its more useable, and customizable. If its not in this version then 0.5 will have it for sure.


    All suggestions, notes, complaints, ideas, etc, are appreciated.



    On another note, I'm currently also working on a new application, it's not wifi compatible, and won't be for the first version or so, but I thought i might as well say something about it and show an image.post-8539-1140667295_thumb.jpg

  16. This latest version, I can't use the stylus at all. 


    I'm glad to hear (if limited) but mouse control. 


    I'd love to test it, but I cant figure out why I cant load the app (It loads fine, I'm using an M3 CF, without any loaders (ndsloader.bin), the app freezes when pressing A to load, but loads fine with Start. v0.2 had the same problem, but i COULD use the touchscreen back then :unsure: )


    Where does it freeze exactly? Is it after the top screen displays "Do ConfigureWifi"? If so I believe your the.sav file is either missing, unreachable, or not named similar to your.nds/.ds.gba.

  17. Here's the newest release, I added "Touch Mouse" (mouse support). Also added some other stuff, check the version info as follows. Please refer to the readme.txt file for more information. Please send any bug reports, questions, or suggestions to sypherce@gmail.com.


    »» ds2key03_021006_.zip

    »» DS2Key Archives


    Version Info


    0.3 "The Rusty Bagel" (02.10.06)

    PC Side

    - Revamped nearly everything.

    - Added Profile support.

    - Fixed most bugs from previous versions.


    DS Side

    - Added the Touch-Mouse! (Incomplete)

    - DS2Key will now remember your WiFi settings.




  18. Notice:


    This post has been reopened for bugs, suggestions, and problems. Also I would like to remind you, that you can also post new threads in the DS2Key Forum.


    On suggestions, I've already implemented a automatic Key Setup, and profiles in an unreleased version. Also in the unreleased version the Server no longer needs the PC IP or the DS IP to be entered manually.


    I would like your input on which feature we need first. Mouse support, or Multi DS's per server.

  19. I set everything up, I connect to the AP, choose UDP Test, and I'm receiving packets on the PC, but nothing's showing up in Notepad. I'm pressing buttons like a wild man and nothing. Dis/connect doesn't help because I don't know if I'm connected or disconnected.

    How do you know your getting the packets on the PC side exactly? If its from the /ba0 command or a similar one appearing on your DS, make sure the DS isn't pointed to itself ( would most likely still be on the screen) as you'll still get the signals that way. If it is pointed to itself, edit the Destination IP to point to your computer.

  20. Copyright


    Copyright 2006 Derrick (sypherce) Wirth





    1. Copy DS2Key.nds or DS2Key.ds.gba to your flash card.

    2. Start DS2Key as you would the official wifi test application.

    3. Execute DS2Key.exe.

    4. Right click the newly appeared icon in the system tray and click

    Dis\Connect to connect.

    5. Modify settings as needed (winamp & key codes are in Codes.txt).





    (01.26.06) 0.21

    PC Side:

    1. Replaced buttons on Gui with a right click menu on the tray icon.

    2. Fix all settings in options menu so they apply immidietly.

    3. Connecting is no longer initiated by opening the options menu,

    use the Dis\Connect Menu command to connect or disconnect.

    4. Winamp support is installed, refer to Codes.txt for settings, or

    the winamp.ini for the default setup.

    5. Windows now move around properly, a few improper situations still.

    6. ::BUG:: Closing the options menu before saving will revert changes

    instantly --- this will be fixed when profiles are implemented,

    hopefully next version.


    (01.24.06) 0.2

    DS Side:

    Light switch should function correctly now.

    PC Side:

    Developed a GUI, reads from DS2Key.ini. Currently Buggy.


    (01.19.06) 0.11

    Fixed bug where light would be off by default manually booting with a *me.


    (01.17.06) 0.1

    First Release



    Whats Next (Estimated)


    (0.2*) Bugfixes. Mabey Key Capturing.


    (0.3) Prettyer GUI Interface. Mouse support for buttons and touch screen.

    I'll be releasing source code(hopefully).








    »» DS2Key Archives

    »» Discuss this release in the DS2Key Forum!

  21. Hmmm... I miss the   .bat files, but that's because you could make multiple ones in order to have different configurations. All you had to do was run the correct.bat file. Which is why I'd like to suggest this:


    Either make it so you can do a simple File>Open and choose a particular.ini file so you can have multiple ini's with different configurations, or make it so when you shortcut to the DS2Key exe you can add a switch of the ini you want that particular shortcut to load.

    Ex: "C:\DS\DS2KEY\DS2Key.exe" -wmplayer.ini



    I fully agree with you on the multiple configurations, I'll see what i can do today, 0.3 will have it, maybe next version. Also i'm adjusting some of the functionality, fixing bugs. Winamp control shouldn't be to hard to implement either. I might get a new version out today... depends on when i get my ds back (my mom loves animal crossing).

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