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  1. My name is Dipesh as in my username but this is ment to just say Dipesh
  2. i went to the Chinese New Year Celebrations in Central London on sunday and there was a stand which worte peoples names in Chinese, so i did for me and my bro, mine ripped, so i went an got another one, but they were diffrent i know theres two (or more) diffrent types of chinese e.g. traditional ect... can someone tell me whats these (preffably someone who can read chinese) say and tell me please Thanks here are the two pics : Pic 1 (Ripped) Pic 2 (second) P.S - i dont know if they are the right way up tell me please
  3. is there any diffrence between Street fighter EX2 Plus and Street fighter EX2 Plus Alpha on the playstation?
  4. if any bodys got any rare dbz gifs please post them here!
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