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  1. Network packet capture (using ethereal). I'll try to do a wireless one, but I'm not sure of what kind of software to use...
  2. And what about this error, but happening randomly ? (seeing it works everytime with WFC games) Router i'm using: Netgear DG384G With packet captures, i'm able to see that it doesn't send anything (not even ARP). It happens even with WEP disabled.
  3. Okay, I get it works, but it seems to be a very weird bug in Dswifi : it works if SGIP_DEBUG is undefined in sgIP_Config.h (compiled by sgstair as "Release" version). When SGIP_DEBUG is defined, so debug functions are enabled (and even if the log function do nothing), I can't get it work...
  4. Hi ! I tried to send an HTTP request to an HTTP server and to receive the answer. But it doesn't work... Here is a packet capture where the request and the server answer can be seen : http://thoduv.drunkencoders.com/tmp/dswifi_http_test.pcap I won't show my code beacause it's too ugly, but I've tested it (exactly the same code) on my PC and it works. Using another protocol like Msn Messenger, this code works on DS (I manage to send a command to MSN server and receive the answer). I'm using a Netgear DG834G router/access point, which works fine with Nintendo WFC games. I did a lot of tries and searches but I definitively don't unterstand why it's not working (seeing it can be done : wifi_lib_test did it with TCP Connect test). Thanks ! -Thoduv;
  5. I've post some precisions on the project who is no longer called Dsmsn : http://thoduv.free.fr/p (with english translation for people hating french)
  6. As you can see, there are no wifi stuff in the program now. It's only an early developpement version... I'm intensively coding and waiting for TCP !
  7. I'm the "french dude" in question : it's not dead, have a look here : http://thoduv.free.fr/p (or here for a very bad translation : http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/t...oduv.free.fr/p)
  8. Wow, that sounds really great ! I hope you manage to send the data
  9. Wow, I can't help you but it's a great project ! I hope you get it work !
  10. select() is a function that check if there is data that can be read on a socket, but it's not implemented in sgstair's lib. But why don't using non-blocking sockets ? It isn't a problem on a non-OS system like the DS...
  11. You can do small thing in Vblank interrupt (like animations). I don't think it's in the lib, but you can also use select(). I also remember someone on Gbadev has implemented a king of threading...
  12. Do you write your own DNS client or do you get a newer version of Dswifi ?
  13. I've also tried... and I've also found that global_connectAP is always 0 : never updated in the lib. You must keep the AP "id" of the connected AP and get infos with Wifi_GetAP...
  14. 2. I was also wondering why... It will be faster, no ? Can't the ARM7 CPU be used more than it is actually ? And another question: 4. Do you progress on the projet sgstair ?
  15. thoduv


    Yeah, but some news from the projet would be welcome... Only to show the project's not dead...
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