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  1. I'm not an expert, but you could atleast try using different iso extraction tools. What do you use to extract the isos? After having problems before, I started using c-xbox tool for extracting isos. It's worked out flawless for me so far. I may have even had that same problem on BAED1 a few months back, that might have actually been when I got c-xbox tool. Wait.......If you're talking about pulling the iso out of a zip file (not actually extracting the iso to it's folder structure) Try using 7zip. I had the error problem with Family Guy series.zip. Winrar wasn't working for it. I got 7-zip and it worked perfect.
  2. Ok, I think I figured it out. The red zip files with a small 'x' on them means that a file/rom or 2 is missing and that zip file shares files/roms with other game zips, so it could cause errors on clones (if they need that specific file/rom that is missing. And a green zip file with a small 'x' on it means it shares files with a game zip that is missing a file/rom or 2 that it needs. I checked a few and this seems to be what it means.
  3. Ok, I think I got it, gonna try it out right now. Thanx man. ..and thanx Prican, just leave fbaxxx pro (romcenter).dat then. cool.
  4. When fixing a cps1 or 2 rom for FBAxxx PRO on romcenter, I leave the FBAxxx Pro (Romcenter).dat loaded? Or do I load another CPS specific dat? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found some 'decryption tables' a few for example: 19xux.zip 19xhx.zip - 19XX: The War Against Destiny cscjx.zip cscax.zip - Capcom Sports Club sfzux03a.zip sfzjx03a.zip sfzjx03b.zip sfzjx03.zip - Street Fighter Alpha and so on........(I wish I could find patches for these cps1 and 2 roms as easy as the neogeo patches for the popular games was to find) They don't actually have patch applications in them. just files. What do I do with these? Do I need another program to work the decrypting out? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the Romcenter side of things again. What does it mean when there is a small 'x' on a game zip, or on a specific file/rom inside a gameset, sometimes it's on a green chip or yellow or red, what does this small 'x' mean? Those are the main issues right now. Anyone have any helpful guidance for me on these focused areas? Thanx in advance.
  5. cool, thnx Prican. I'll keep the neogeo.zip that came with the Pro update then. Yeah, Now that I finally understand Romcenter, (I never realized before you had to select the.dat you wanna work with in the address bar) I can figure out now which roms are useless and such. No need for a list.
  6. I'm not sure about the buttons being layed out oppossite, but to remap the buttons all you do is hit start button on the main screen and go to 'configure controller' and choose the controller, and remap the buttons. There are a few emulators I've ran into though, that the button mappings are switched. Like FBAxxx, for the CPS2 button config, when I set my PPP and KKK to L and R, it's switched. So either L and R are switched or the PPP and KKK are switched. And Killer Instinct games have switched up buttons too. All you really have to do once you notice it's switched is compensate for it with what you set the buttons to. It's not like you have to go into the button config often, so it's not really a big deal.
  7. Alright, I had set it to 'split' from when you told me earlier. Games like 'poknight.zip' still have yellow. Though, I don't have all the roms in the folder yet. So I'll have to wait untill I have all the roms, then check it with 'split' turned on, and see what happens. Thanx for breaking it down for me. Gonna go back and add some of the older BAED3B disc roms and see if I can get rid of some of those yellows for now.
  8. 1 more quick question. If there are unknown roms in a given gameset, but there aren't any missing files/roms, is it ok to delete those unknown roms then?
  9. Cool stuff. Thanx guys. Though, It never did say it "Needed" to import. Just had the yellow, so I wanted to be sure. Because if I do click fix on it, it will import. But if I leave it alone it just is yellow and says "Available in another game." I had a feeling that meant it was ok to leave it alone, but wanted to be positive. I'm downloading the Neo-Mame32 0.95 fullset as we speak, and I'm fixing the roms as they finish downloading. By the way, I asked in another post, should I always keep the "neogeo.zip" that comes with my FBAxxx Pro version, or should I get the one that comes with the roms I'm downloading?
  10. When I get a yellow chip. For incomplete, but reason is "Available in another game." Should I leave it alone, or should I import the files so it's all green. I guess my main concern is space, if I leave it alone and go back and run FBAxxx will it automatically borrow the files it should to play the game? Or will it have errors and not work. Cuz if it shares automatically I'd rather save space rather than import the files for everygame. Thanx in advance.
  11. 1 more quick question on the subject. When I finish downloading this new Full NeoGeo Romset, do I replace the current neogeo.zip with the one that comes with the romset? Or should I never replace the FBAxxx Pro included neogeo.zip?
  12. DAT files are only used to show you which ROMs you have or need. They are not used by the emulator at all and changing them will have no effect on the supported sets. To play those games you will need to have the necessary ROMs as listed in the DATs. Alternatively you could try giving your zipfiles the 'fully decrypted' set names (mslug4nd.zip, mslug5nd.zip, samsh5nd.zip, svcnd.zip) and try running them with the 'No CRC' option set to on. If your ROMs are decrypted and the sizes and names are correct then this might work. But basically, FBA-XXX Pro is for only those who want to use the latest and most accurate ROMsets. If all you want to do is play the games then you're probably better off using the official FBA-XXX. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm downloading a Neo-Mame32-0.95 romset as we speak. It includes Samurai Showdown 5 special in it. I wonder if this will fix those roms for me. Hopefully. It seems new enough.
  13. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cool Shiitt Knocks, I found this set, downloading as we speak. It even has Samurai Showdown 5 Special in it. I hope it really does fix those BAED3B roms (Samsho5, mslug 4,5, and SVC Chaos) that'd be sweet. And, by the way Prican. If it's not a huge hassle, could you post a quick list of FBA rom clone files that can be deleted, once somone has a fullset and has FBAxxx Pro, newest build/patch? Cuz I'm sure some of the.zips I have from BAED3b can prolly be deleted.
  14. PRican or +T+, could either of you guys post a DAT for me that allows me to play Metal Slug 4, 5, 5plus, Samurai Showdown 5, and Snk vs Capcom Chaos (BAED 3B Rom versions) on FBAxxx Pro 8/26 (newest +T+ patched version)? It would really be appreciated.
  15. to esoteric: I hear you, I had 9-4, didn't have linksboks support though. I got xbox 9-13-05 PIMPED edition now, it has Linksboks integration again. and... it plays video files now. This answers my question. to IJTF_Cinder, I have a 1.6 too. So doesn't make much sense to try that then I guess.
  16. Ok, I have ran Linux before. After running it now I remember. The screen screws up when I go in it. And it looks scrambled, you can hit buttons and tell it's going to different stuff, but it's all messed up. And after awhile the green light on the Xbox goes orange. So, now I recall that that's the main reason I haven't messed with Linux.
  17. From what I've read online it takes some learning to get Linux on Xbox working. I have it on my Xbox, but haven't tried running it once. I'll check it out though.
  18. lol, alright, all I wanted to know. It is pretty cool though, atleast this version. Better than the Dreamcast browser I think. Anyhow, thanx for the quick response. Good lookin' out man.
  19. I know this isn't exactly an emulation topic, unless you consider linksbox a web browser emulator. Whatever. I just wanted to know, is there a way to play videos while browsing on linksbox? I know in options you can add file types and whatnot. I'm not sure if there's a way to get mplayer or any other program to run mpegs and avis through linksboks though. When you click on a link to a movie file it just opens it as a text document page with scrambled code. You can save the file and view it later, but that's very inconvenient. Especially when you'd like to just watch a quick video then continue browsing on whatever topic you're on. Anyone have any knowledge on this? Help would be very much appreciated. Thanx in advance.
  20. You're right @ +T+, everything was alright with the BAED3 PR version. I like how it has the music in the menus in that version anyhow. One thing I don't understand on all the versions though, Why haven't they fixed the button config in the CPS-2, either the PPP and KKK are switched, or L and R are switched up. Whenever I set it, it's swapped. What's the deal with that?
  21. That last statement you said, I feel you completely on that. That's the conclusion I've come to. Just sticking with the BAED3b version. I mean, I see all the updates and fixes the new ones are said to have, but I've yet to have any noticable problem with the PR version. There's like 3 fighting roms I don't have, and they are all just hacks anyhow. No big deal. I think you're probably also right on Romcenter needing some more input for it to correct the problems. I think there's something we're not adding in there that it needs. But I can't really talk on that, it'd be like the blind leading the blind. I'll Let the experts get on that.
  22. I'm having this exact same issue. I'm fairly new to this stuff, and even though I've read the docs and have a reasonably good idea what romcenter is supposed to be doing with the FBAXXX pro DAT, it doesn't seem to be doing it. Fix doesn't seem to want to actually fix anything. The BAED3b disc, copied to my Xbox HDD, works great by itself - but I tried upgrading to FBAXXX 8-26, then I tried applying 'Patch 2' to make it act as an 8-02 Pro build. After I installed it on my Xbox and copied my roms over, I discovered that it doesn't like some of the very same roms it previously played without incident. I'm watching this thread with baited breath. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The reason it doesn't like the same roms are because the BAED3b disc had an altered version of FBAxxx. PRican edited it to play those roms. The newer builds are different, PR's version was just based on the original and augmented. I wish PRican would Fix up a new version. That'd be the SHIIITT!
  23. To be honest, I didn't really read any docs on it. I should, I'm just a lazy bastard. But, I was trying to walk through the process in a common-sense-ish style, and I figured that the way I went about it was what +T+ was saying to do. Though, every game has an "Access violation" under info. And I have no idea of how to go about actually FIXING the problem. I'm not even gonna try to get Samurai Showdown 5 special and the others put together with all those crazy zips and patches I have. If I'm having this much trouble with Romcenter to begin with, it doesn't even make sense. I'm in way over my head on this isshhhh.
  24. Ok, I got Romcenter. I go to "file" - "open data file manager" - "add..." - and add the FBAxxx Pro Romcenter.dat to it. Then I drag my roms folder into the games database section. And all the games show up with errors on roms. When I try fixing any of them, it comes up with "No Fix done !" immediately. I'm lost on this one.
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