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  1. For Virus protection I would reccomend AVG free or Pro what ever one you can get your hands on.


    For firewall, Well im not too sure about this. I just use the one windows gives you :lol:


    mmm.. reduce ram consumption, I have never heard of a program that does this. May I suggest buy some more ram (if you are having problems with yo ram)


    :P Instead of winamp use itunes lol, Im also looking for other programs besides nero.

  2. Soul Calibur III is still roughly a month away... Which sucks more than humanly possible.

    Then how did K' get it ?

    You do know that Canada, the US and Japan usually get games several months before any of the PAL countries, don't you? PAL territories get rarely compensated for this, but when we do, we usually get a truckload of extras to make up for the ridiculous waiting.

    Ya I know. So your reigion is pal ?

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