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  1. :) Yay, I just got back from watching Australia Vs Uruguay. Woot. What a game. Im not particularly a Soccer fan but When any sport is global I will definately take intrest. As you may not know The first game which was on Saturday Uruguay beat Australia 1 - 0. Meaning that Aus had to win this game. It was 1 - 0 Australias way. Then Due to It was a tie because uruguay won the first game It went into extra time. Still the same so it went into A penalty shoot out. The Australian keeper saved 2 goals. We won the game. :) WOot in the worldcup. Australia hasn't gotten into the world cup for 32 years. I cant wait to see them play.... :lol:
  2. Whaaaaaat? The N64 was the system that started Nintendo's downfall. That system had soooo much crap on it. I mean, it had some good ones, but definately not enough to make up for the bad ones.


    And yes, Tetris Attack was an extremely good game.

    N64 wasn't nintendos downfall, Its very arguable but I would have to blame other consoles. I mean think about it, Playstation probably caused alot of this problem. SNES was ontop of the GENISIS. In my opinion N64 was better then psx (i still loved psx) It had Multiplayer, Great for when your friends came over. Also Xbox, They came out of nowhere. But Its not a bad thing. More consoles being developed all the time. What gets on my nerves is when they make a really good game on a different system and on the ones you own they never release that game for it. In all, I dont think the N64 caused nintendos downfall.

  3. I could turn back the clock on gaming to at least when around the n64 was just coming out or something, mannnnnnnn gaming was so much better in the past


    remember when games where designed so you couldnt actually win? and when you didnt have to have a super good storyline or complex gameplay for i to be good? and when crappier graphics just made it more fun? I miss those days

    Omg Its the truth. N64 Was great. Almost every game released was decent. Those where teh dayz. *Cries*

  4. Has anyone gotten around to getting this game. I bought it earlier today and Its so sweet. I thought alot of people here were gonna get it. ???


    Anyway It kicks ass, :rolleyes: I love owning gangsta's. Anyway I think you should buy it or at least give it ago.

  5. I thought the end of the world is going to happen by a huge goanna raping the sun and having small children which will have bombs strapped to them.


    Dont belive me ? I wouldnt either :blink:


    I seriously dont like to think of stupid things like this. I don't really like things that predict odd things. ;)


    Edit: after reading some of this crap.


    Chase believes all gun owners should be required to have a microchip implanted in their hand to be able to own a gun


    :( Good Idea or crap ?

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