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  1. haha the second one was funny. That guy really knows how to take the piss :banghead: or I wonder if thats how he really fights. Meh.. if it works for him I guess it alright.


    Oh... The first one is like 1000000000000000 years old :naughty:. haha GC

  2. King's Ransom << a comedy that has a brilliant storyline and how it all connects together.


    Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story << Well Anything Family Guy Rocks? :P I laughed my ass off to this about 5 times. suvo doesn't just watch any movie multiple times. haha


    mmm... Scrubs is a pretty good TV show.


    Revenge of the Nerds<< Pure classic.


    WTF They are remaking Revenge of the nerds.click here


    Friday << awesome comedy with chris tucker and ice cube. I love it lol


    Austin Powers<< I have always enjoyed Mike Myers Austin powers series. I didn't really like the first ones but GoldMember was the best by far.


    The Butterfly Effect<< Ya'll should give this a watch. hehe Ashton Kutchers best besides "Dude Wheres my car?"...


    God I could do this all day but sadly I don't want too haha. :(

  3. Hey guys. I haven't posted here for ages I think about 1 or 2 months actually no wait. I mean I haven't been posting here reguraly I think I have posted an odd post here or there. How ya'll been?


    Hey suvo, welcome...errr..back :D


    Long time no see old friend, seems like your english skills have increased. So how's life, mama feeling okay, daddy still happy with mommy, brother and sister still in love? :ph34r:

    Its great to know your doing fine GC. hehe... my english pwns thank you very much :D.


    Roberto (haha you should change your name to that :P) I will get to 100. Its just a matter of time.

  4. Good for australians. I'm not a soccer fan either, but I wouldn't mind going to a high profile game (and by high profile, I don't mean some second-rate match between two domestic hillbilly teams, on a field near an industrial area, with 20 spectators wearing windbreakers who are mostly close relatives).

    Yeah, You live alot closer to Germany then me. I really want to go see them play. Time to save the $$$$

  5. i mean i can complain to much but my download speeds are ridiculous the best i get is 3k a second

    :( It sucks man, Cant you even get isdn? any I think its called that. 128kps.

    I used to have 56k a few years ago. Once you get cable The internet is yours. :) If you get what I mean. There must be another option then 56k in your area? Maybe ask your phone provider (mine is telstra) Anyway... I cant suggest anything else.

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