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  1. -Link removed. Read board rules.- has a good selection of isos (PSX and PS2)
  2. Well yea it has been released, heres a list of things added/changed A new friendlier user interface makes finding options easy Fixes and support for many new games including Turok3, Donkey Kong 64, and Top Gear Overdrive New ini configuration settings ROM Browser caching for fast loading of 1964 Tweak 1964's speed at the touch of a key Frameskip and AutoCF features for slower machines A new Help Manual Multiple Language support An improved CPU core with many bug fixes and is much faster An Improved 32bit CPU core, linker and faster overall code generation Reworked core/audio synchronization and major improvements in audio quality and speed Completely reworked Kaillera netplay Packaged with N-Rage's input plugin CPU Frame buffer read/write notification for video plug-ins http://1964emu.emulation64.com/ is the site to get it from
  3. AKAIK no plugin or emu plays this game correctly
  4. I think it gets released sometime in Januaury
  5. does this actually work? and how do i back up my registry?
  6. well ive seen them on other sites and saw that u didnt have 1 here, so i just thought i would suggest it
  7. a forum were ppl can get help on their computer or sumfin and get help, eg. need help with my new pc, things like that, ne problems to do with technology really
  8. chose this because it is my nickname in school so i use it for everything
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