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  1. That depends on what version Xbox you have... If you have a 1.6 or 1.6b then you will still need to do some soldering for somthing called an lpc mod.. if you have an older box then it will install fairly easily.. Unfortunatly you wont know what type of box you have unless you open it. I can recommend the ex 2.6 lite, it is what i use in my Xbox version 1.4 and it never gives me any trouble (soldered version) and it was really easy to install.
  2. Hi, I have checked the usual patch site (which is down anyway)but cant seem to find any patches to change SVC Chaos 269-m1d.bin fd4f0ff9 -> fd602218 Mslug 5 268-p1n.bin e6d297af -> 6866d696 Mslug 5 268-p2n.bin 84def63e -> 768ee64a Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance...
  3. hi yeah i have that crc and I am using the latest version of FBA pro.. I have fixed the problem anyway.. I repatched the rom and it seems to be working now.. weird... Thanks for the quick reply anyway..
  4. Hi T, Just noticed something weird, but since you updated the kof2003b rom with a 128k s rom all the text (such as 'insert coin' and the play instructions) has become messed up.. It was working fine with the 512k s rom. It is still playable, and i checked it with the old 512k rom again but it is not working with that anymore either. I had to patch the s rom several times to get the correct crc could that have anything to do with it? anyway, thanks again..
  5. Thanks for the fixes.. CThd2003 is working perfectly now... unfortunatly Samurai showdown bootleg is still broken, the graphics still break up in vertical bars. I re-cecked the roms and deleted all the ini files but it doesnt work, If you need s screenshot pm me and i can show you what is up.. Thanks again.
  6. I am having trouble getting, cthd2003 to work with FBA-xx pro... I have the latest version of pro and I have checked the rom using romcenter and the generated.dat file The sound works fine but the graphics are just a mess.. the same rom works fine in benderMameox. The other problem is with samsh5bl the graphics break up in bars across the screen, again the rom checks out fine in romcenter... but unfortunatly it is not supported by mameox. any ideas would be appreciated (or if this is a known problem I can give up and relax a little) and Thanks for all the hard work put into this version.
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