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  1. The dashboard such as evox, unleash-x, xbmc etc. acts as a FTP server as well. All you have to do is use a FTP program like FlashFXP, login to the xbox, and transfer the files into the emulators rom directory. Your xbox will need to be on the same network as the PC of course.
  2. Hi, I am trying to create a FBA DVD. I am using FBA-XXX Pro v1.26 and with the romsets it comes to around 5.33GB so I need to use a dual-layer DVD. I uploaded it to my xbox first to make sure it worked, and it did so then I deleted it from there and used Craxtion 4.0 to create the xISO. After the .iso was created I burned it to a dual-layer DVD+R and tried it out, it brought up the warning screen that you get the first time you run Pro but when you push A to continue it does nothing. I tried restarting and running it again and now it just goes straight to a black screen and does nothing. Does anyone know what I could try to get it to work?
  3. sorry if this is a dumb question. i am trying to make a fba-xxx set that will fit on a single layer dvd, i got the "fba-xxx pro romset update v1.12" post which is about 5.3GB so I am wondering if there is a list of non-working and/or hacked versions of games that I could remove to keep the set as complete as possible with the real versions of games but still fit on a single layer DVD? any help would be appreciated
  4. so are you still trying to figure this out?
  5. the ones that i know for sure need to use the old drivers are: mortal kombat mortal kombat 2 mortal kombat 3 ultimate mortal kombat 3 narc nba jam rampage world tour wwf wrestlemania thanks for trying to help, feel free to get ahold of me on AIM (suicideuzi) I can send you the cdx files that I have if you would like
  6. Im trying to make a DVD-R simliar to the BAED's but on the menu have a choice between MAMEdOX 1.1 and MAMEoX_v0.72.1b. I took the cdxmedia files from one of the BAED volumes and changed the cdx.inx file to fit with what I am trying to do. When I put the disc in the menu comes up and looks correct, has choice for MAMEdOX and MAMEoX_v0.72.1b but when I try to select one of the emulators it just comes up with this error: "Could not load driver info file! Press any button to reboot." Does anyone know what I need to change to make it work? Here is what I have in the cdx.inx file tho I dont see how this would be the problem since I just took it from the BAED but changed the directories and titles: [Config] AppTitle="MAME" FontFileName="d:\cdxmedia\arialuni.ttf" AmbientDirectory="d:\cdxmedia\ambient" CallerTitle="" [MainMenu] MAMEdOX Midway [MAMEdOX] Action="Demo" DisplayName="MAMEdOX" Description="Arcade Collection - MAMEdOX_v1.1" PreviewVolume="100" FullScreenVolume="100" Preview="cdxmedia\images\mamedox.png" RemapPath="1" FileName="mamedox\default.xbe" Attract="0" [Midway] Action="Demo" DisplayName="Midway Games" Description="Midway Arcade Games - MAMEoX_v0.72.1b" PreviewVolume="100" FullScreenVolume="100" Preview="cdxmedia\images\midway.png" RemapPath="1" FileName="midway\default.xbe" Attract="0" Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. sorry if these are dumb questions is there anywhere that tells you how to get this emulator working? i got fbaxxx_27_02.zip and FBAXXX_Pro.rar and did the patch thing but apparently something else needs to be done. Ive noticed that the "full" zips of older versions are almost 20MB so is there something else I need to get? Also can I use the romsets from BAED Vol 3B on this new version?
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