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  1. +T+ great emulator was wondering if you were planning on adding any of the updates made by the Logic Sunrise team FBAXXX (28/05/2006) - [added] now support HDTV resolutions : 720x480,720x576,1280x720p and 1920x1080i - [added] rumble function in games (woks with : kof2000, 2001, 2002, fatalfury 2, fatalfury 3, rage of the dragons and snk vs capcom) -> thx to iq_132 - [added] settings for rumble function - [added] possibility to show/hide non-working rams -> thx to Croc + fix - [added] splash screen - [added] VMM for cps2 games - [fixed] input test - [fixed] controller config not saved in minimenu - [changed] D3d buffer was set to 16bits, more RAM available - [changed] rendertarget limited to 640x480, more RAM in higher resolutions the bold ones are the only ones that make me ask. seems i always pick the non-working roms first LOL
  2. was it for sf2m8.zip and wof3sja.zip was about to report em
  3. there are patches to create the Fake 268-m1.bin (4a5a6e0e) over at Arcade-Emu World
  4. I tend to prefer what you have done with the pro sets + T + things actully work well. and can anyone explain how the private files thing works / do these become out there after some time has passed?
  5. awsome wish i knew how you fix things like that. but now mslug5.zip doesnt wrk it worked under the last patch even though it couldnt find 268-m1.bin crc 4a5a6e0e which i hear is unreleased/private though i dont understand that process otherwise here are some preview screenshots to help folks out FBAXXX Pro preview screenshots edit: mslug5d also not working now
  6. I get the same thing from time to time its the stick, been meaning to open er up and clean it
  7. +T+ nice glad i grabbed those you just added ahead of time. all in all good is your ct2k3sp working mine loads and runs but the graphix are all jumbled crcs check out fine
  8. + T + your pro version is pretty fricken cool only come across a few bugs you might want to be aware of pending next update. Some might be more GoGos than yours. cthd2k3a has graphics issues/unplayable ct2k3sp only shows hardware test screens, messing with bios/AES it will report Hardware selftest failed -ADRS- -WR- -RE- 000D00010 5555 0000 both run fine under FiNaL BuRn EvOLuTioN 3.01(ony thing i had to test with) next after playing some games it will freeze while loading a new game. thought the games were broke, til i tried to play some of those games first and they loaded and ran. (long term use mem issue?) last Raw/Unfiltered screenshots freeze the emulator / no screenshot on some neos,cps1,cps2 games and almost all Other games created the previews i needed with FBE instead otherwise works as advertised with known sets
  9. cthd2003 worked fine under last version, this updated one has graphic glitches
  10. hey there i just started updating my roms to match FBA-XXX pro and its going well. but i have hit a snag. i was wondering if theres a patch to make garoud.zip ---------- motwn_s1.rom 128Kb 2C115B98 to garoud.zip ---------- motwn_s1.rom 512Kb be2ba1a5 also kof2knd.zip ----------- kof2k_s1.rom 128kb b785417f to kof2k_s1.rom 512kb 38901d4d i have been using NeFe with much sucess untill now. even tryied the ol overdump trick copy /b motwn_s1.rom + motwn_s1.rom + motwn_s1.rom + motwn_s1.rom motwn_s1d.rom to no avail. also searched for patches already but no luck. any help is appreciated p.s. how do you figure out the xor values?
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