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  1. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE64 0.230

    Yep, with the 2 mame.ini's is already more than strange. After refreshing all icons become green or red. If I leave and restart, all is gone, so another F5 press is needed. Very disappointing. Overwrite all files with 0.229 and everthing works again. Overwrite all files with 0.230 the setings are broken again. So it's for 100% the 0.230 files fault. Sure, everyone how doesn't touch his settings and lists with notice something. I didn't at the first run, too. But because of the crashs I had to refresh all and the mistake was there.
  2. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE64 0.230

    I've checked it again: Arcade 0.230 is definitely broken, doesn't save the most settings. Using 0.229 again, everything works perfect as usual. Switch again to 0.230, nothing is saved again, not the last folder, not the result of refreshing the list, no filters, nothing.
  3. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE64 0.230

    The most CHD games don't work, only 281 are on the working-list, most of them music games. This part is untouched. A lot of the other start but are not really playable, whatever that means.
  4. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE64 0.230

    Hello v0.230 is the first time ever where's something very wrong for me. First time after updating the files it worked. The second time it always crashes while building at the beginning without any error message. So I decided to use a fresh new build. It starts. But it doesn't save any settings. No interface settings will be saved, no font size, no folders, no gamelist, no selected picture tabs, just nothing. Starting the first time it generates a mame.ini in the main folder AND in the ini folder. So which one is used now ? However non is used to save any set
  5. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE 0.206

    Hurra - thanks for taking time - great like always
  6. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE 0.200

    I collect Mame roms, but not the CHD games, that don't work. That's why I ask if the following would be possible: I have as icons the normal chips. A grey chip tells me that there're some or all files missing. Because I'm only interested in working CHD games, it would be great to have 2 different grey chips: one grey/green for a working game and one grey/red for a not working game, both with missing files. That would be soooooooooo cool. So I could see that I miss files when a grey/green icon would appear. I wouldn't care about a grey/red.
  7. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE 0.200

    Fast, faster, Robert Big thanks
  8. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE 0.193

    Great, thanks, but I don't see any other releases, even the official isn't released. How ??? Aaaaah, I see, you don't wait for a fix, so there will come a 193.1 perhaps ?
  9. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE 0.192

    Thanks for a great job like always What is a bit sad is that most of the added extra games are gamble, card or casino games.
  10. That was just a general MAME question. I know that ARCADE sorts out the not-working titles what is great. But there're so many title I'm waiting for to become playable especially in the CHD section. It's nice to dump them but when noone works on it to become playable it's a little bit useless in my opinion.
  11. Hi everyone, just a small in-between question. There're so many great games with not-working status, sometimes since years and especially in the CHD section. Isn't there any progress ? On the other side there roms marked as not-working, but I completed them without noticing graphic, sound or protection problems. Example: Salamder 2 (salmndr2) Who knows how many roms work well and have not-working Status.
  12. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE 0.188

    Hui, how fast, great Big thanks, Robert, and of course as well to Mamesick.
  13. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE 0.185

    Thanks again for another great and fast release In the list are 3 remaining AGE-/PINMAME roms: Space Ship spcship stargame.cpp 184-AGEMAME-PINMAME White Force whtforce stargame.cpp 184-AGEMAME-PINMAME Super Star supstarf supstarf.cpp 185-PINMAME
  14. 18Phoenix

    ARCADE 0.179

    Great, thanks, Robert
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